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Nagpur Broad Gauge Metro project with a network of 4 suburban rail lines is a 268.63 km regional rapid transit system (RRTS) that proposes to utilize the Central Railways’ existing tracks to connect Nagpur with nearby towns of Wardha, Katol, Narkhed, Ramtek and Bhandara via a modern comfortable railway system.

Nagpur Broad Gauge Metro’s DPR (Detailed Project Report) was prepared by Urban Mass Transit Company (UMTC) in 2019 and estimates the project to cost Rs 418 crore, half of which will go towards procuring modern rolling stock.

The DPR was approved by the Railway Board in November 2019 and Maharashtra State Government’s cabinet in October 2020. The DPR envisions 70% of its total cost to be financed via a loan and 30% to be financed through the Maharashtra and central governments.

System Specifications

  • Top Speed: 200 kmph
  • Operating Speed: 160 kmph
  • Track Gauge: Broad Gauge – 1676 mm
  • Rolling Stock: 3 coaches (DT-T-DT)
  • Capacity: 885 passengers

Key Figures

Operational: 0 km | Under Construction: 0 km | Approved: 0 km | Proposed: 268.63 km

  • Nagpur Broad Gauge Metro Deadline: 2025
  • My Completion Estimate: 2025

Project Cost: Rs 418 Crores

  • Rolling Stock: Rs. 200 cr
  • Depot: Rs. 80 cr
  • Station Integration with Nagpur Metro: Rs. 25 cr
  • Station upgrades: Rs 23.12 cr
  • IT Infrastructure: Rs. 15 cr
  • Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) System: Rs. 11.64 cr
  • Pre-operative / Admin Expenses: Rs. 4.97 cr
  • Taxes: Rs 48 cr

Nagpur Broad Gauge Metro Routes

Line 1: Nagpur – Wardha

  • Length: 78.8 km
  • Estimated Daily Ridership: 5,669
  • End-to-End Travel Time: 70 mins
  • Number of Stations: 13
  • Station Names: Nagpur Junction, Ajni, Khapri, Gumgaon, Bori, Borkhedi, Sindi, Tuljapur, Dahegaon, Seloo Road, Varud, Sewagram, Wardha Junction

Line-2: Nagpur – Narkhed

  • Length: 85.53 km
  • Estimated Daily Ridership: 2,616
  • End-to-End Travel Time: 75 mins
  • Number of Stations: 11
  • Station Names: Nagpur Junction, Godhani, Bharatwada, Kalmeshwar, Kohali, Sonkhamb, Metpanjra, Katol, Kalambha, Tinkheda, Narkher Junction

Line-3: Nagpur – Ramtek

  • Length: 41.6 km
  • Estimated Daily Ridership: 3,929
  • End-to-End Travel Time: 60 mins
  • Number of Stations: 7
  • Station Names: Nagpur Junction, Kalamna, Kamptee, Kanhan Junction, Dumri Khurd, Amdi Halt, Ramtek

Line-4: Nagpur – Bhandara Road

  • Length: 62.7 km
  • Estimated Daily Ridership: 2,556
  • End-to-End Travel Time: 55 mins
  • Number of Stations: 8
  • Station Names: Nagpur Junction, Kalamna, Kamptee, Kanhan Junction, Chacher, Rewral, Khat, Bhandara Road

Nagpur Broad Gauge Metro Route Map

Line-1 | Line-2 | Line-3  & Line-4

An official PDF route map of Nagpur Metro will be added here when available.

Nagpur Broad Gauge Metro Fares (Prices)

The system’s fare structure, prices and rules have not been announced yet. That will be finalized closer to the start of commercial operations

Nagpur Broad Gauge Metro Tenders

Latest Nagpur Broad Gauge Metro (Maha-Metro) tender notices can be viewed on Maha-Metro’s website. News on these notices, their bidders, awarded tenders and contracts will be covered in further detail on the news & construction page.

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