Delhi – Dehradun Expressway – Information & Status Update

210 km Delhi – Saharanpur – Dehradun Expressway project by NHAI is an under construction access-controlled highway with with a route alignment connecting Akshardham in Delhi with Dehradun in Uttarakhand.

This mix of brownfield and greenfield project was approved for construction in 2020 under the Bharatmala Pariyojana’s Delhi – Dehradun Economic Corridor.

The project’s detailed project report (DPR) was prepared by MSV International Inc. in 2019. Nitin Gadkari laid the project’s foundation stone on 26 February, 2021, and India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid its foundation stone again on December 4, 2021.

Delhi – Saharanpur – Dehradun Expressway is expected to be completed and opened in stages by December 2024 (current deadline).

  • Total Estimated Cost: Rs. 13,000 crore
  • Project’s Total Length: 210 km
  • Lanes: 12 lanes (Phase 1) and 6 lanes (Phases 2, 3 & 4)
  • Completion Deadline: December 2024
  • Owner: National Highway Authority of India (NHAI)
  • Status: Under Construction
  • Project Model: EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction)

A new 50.7 km spur has been proposed to connect with Roorkee & Haridwar. This will start from Km 108 on the Baghpat EPE – Saharanpur section and end at the proposed Haridwar Ring Road. Krishna Constellation emerged as the lowest bidder for its construction in December 2021.

In addition, a 101 km Shamli – Ambala Expressway has been planned as a spur to connect Uttar Pradesh and Haryana. Tenders for its construction (UP section) were invited in January 2022.

Project Overview Video

Delhi – Dehradun Expressway with close tolling will be developed in 4 phases / sections with wayside amenities every 25 km. It will feature elevated roads, tunnels, and a 12 km elevated wildlife corridor to enable the unhindered movement of animals.

When ready in 2024, the expressway will reduce the distance between Delhi and Dehradun from 235 km to 210 km, and the travel time from 6.5 hours to 3 hours.

Route Map

A PDF route map of Delhi – Dehradun Expressway with village list will be added here when available.

Status Update

Here’s a recent video by RSLive posted on Youtube

Phase 1 Information

  • Scope: Akshardham in Delhi to Baghpat’s Eastern Peripheral Expressway (EPE) Interchange
  • Type: Brownfield Upgrade
  • Length: 32 km
  • Lanes: 12 lanes (6 express, 6 local)
  • Contractors: Gawar Constructions (Package 1) & Ceigall India (Package 2)
  • Status: Under Construction (Packages 1 & 2)

Phase 1 Tenders & Contractors

Package (length) and SectionContractor
Package 1 (14.75 km) – Akshardham NH-9 Junction to Delhi-UP border (Ch.0.00 to Ch.14.750) in Delhi. This consists of a 6.4 km elevated road between between Geeta Colony and Khajoori Khas.Gawar Constructions
Package 2 (16.85 km) – Delhi/UP Border to EPE Junction (Ch.14.750 to Ch. 31.200) in Uttar Pradesh. This consists of an 11.2 elevated section.Ceigall India (previously awarded to Gayatri Projects)

Phase 2 Information

  • Scope: Baghpat’s Eastern Peripheral Expressway (EPE) Interchange to Saharanpur Bypass
  • Type: Greenfield
  • Length: 118 km
  • Lanes: 6
  • Status: Under Construction

Note: This section will feature 7 interchanges and 60 underpasses.

Phase 2 Tenders & Contracts

Package (length) and SectionStatus
Package 1 (27 km) – EPE near Khekra to Lohadda village (Km 0 to Km 27.000)Raj Shyama is lowest bidder (7 bids received in retender)
Package 2 (29.5 km) – Lohadda village to Karaunda Mahajan village (Km 27.000 to Km 56.500)Krishna Constructions
Package 3 (25.5 km) – Karaunda Mahajan village to Khyawari village (Km 56.500 to Km 82.000)Shiv Build India Pvt. Ltd. – Jandu Construction India Pvt. Ltd. (JV)
Package 4 (37.068 km) – Khyawari village to Latifpur village at Saharanpur Bypass (Km 82.000 to Km 119.068)Krishna Constructions

Phase 3 Information

  • Scope: Saharanpur to Ganeshpur
  • Type: Brownfield Upgrade
  • Length: 40 km
  • Lanes: 6
  • Status: Under Bidding

Phase 3 Tenders & Contracts

Package (length) and SectionStatus
Package 1: Scope PendingTender Notice is Pending
Package 2: Six laning and full access control provisions in stretches from Saharanpur Bypass to Ganeshpur9 bids received in May 2022

Phase 4 Information

  • Scope: Ganeshpur to Dehradun
  • Type: Brownfield Upgrade
  • Length: 19.508 km
  • Lanes: 4/6 lanes
  • Status: Financial Bids Opened March 12, 2021

Note: This section will consist of 2.322 km twin tunnels and 0.3 km approach, 4.82 km 4 lane elevated flyover with 6m vertical clearance for elephants and other wildlife, a 2.12 km hill section and 340m single tube tunnel.

Phase 4 Tenders & Contractors

Package (length) and SectionContractor
Package 1 (8.13 km) – chainage 0+000 (Ganespur) to design chainage 8+130 (near Mohand) of NH-72AVasishta Constructions
Package 2 (8.25 km) – Chainage 8.130 near Mohand to 16.380 Daat kali Tunnel of NH-72ARam Kumar Contractor – Bharat Construction India Pvt. Ltd. (JV)

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