The Metro Rail Guy (TMRG) is a wanderlust traveler originally from India. As a firm believer in public mass transit, while I travel to different cities and countries, I make it a point to take and check out the local public transport system as this gives me an opportunity to see different places not on tourist circuits, hear different sounds (including the “the next station is…” announcements!) and interact with locals to see how the system has shaped not only their commute but their lives.

To take care of urban India’s transportation needs, new metro systems are currently under construction and bringing about vast changes in 15+ cities all over the country at a breathtaking pace. I had long been disappointed with the Indian media’s poor coverage of these new systems as they contain details that are often obsolete, irrelevant and sometimes not true at all. Information elsewhere on these systems is fragmented and simply not enough. Looking at this, The Metro Rail Guy was launched in July 2015 to provide a more curated, holistic and fact-based news + construction update site for metro fans, aficionados and industry professionals.

I look forward to sharing & documenting metro information and updates with you.

– The Metro Rail Guy

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