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Noida Metro with 1 line and 21 stations is an urban Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS) built by the Noida Metro Rail Corporation (NMRC) to serve Delhi’s suburbs of Noida & Greater Noida.

Construction on Noida Metro’s 29.7 km elevated Line-1 started in May 2015. This line opened to the public in record time for commercial operations on 25 January, 2019 at an estimated project completion cost of Rs. 5,503 crore.

In December 2019, the Uttar Pradesh government approved the construction of a 14.95 km extension of Line-1 from Sector 52 to Knowledge Park V with an estimated cost of Rs. 2,682 crore.

In December 2020, NMRC and Delhi Metro Rail Corporation signed an agreement through which DMRC will be providing General Consultant (GC) and Project Management Consultant (PMC) services to develop the Aqua Line’s 9.6 km extension from Sector 51 to Greater Noida Sector-2.

Further extensions and various other new lines are currently on the drawing board, with funding yet to be secured.

System Specifications

  • Top Speed: 95 kmph
  • Average Speed: 35 kmph
  • Track Gauge: Standard Gauge – 1435 mm
  • Electrification: 25 kV, 50 Hz AC OHE
  • Signalling: Communication-based Train Control (CBTC)

Key Figures

Operational: 29.7 km | Under Construction: 0 km | Approved: 14.95 km | Proposed: 70 km

  • Daily Ridership: 65,000/day (August 2023)
  • Rolling Stock: 76 coaches (19 train-sets x 4) supplied by CRRC

Noida Metro Operational Route

Line-1 Aqua Line: Sector 51 – Greater Noida Depot

  • Length: 29.7 km
  • Estimated Cost: Rs. 5,503 crore
  • Type: Elevated
  • Depot: Greater Noida Sector 34
  • Number of Stations: 21
  • Stations Names: Noida Sector-51, Sector-50, Sector-76, Sector-101, Sector-81, NSEZ (erst. Dadri road), Sector-83, Sector-137, Sector-142, Sector-143, Sector-144, Sector-146, Sector-147, Sector-148 in Noida. Knowledge Park II, Pari Chowk, Alpha-1, Delta-1, GNIDA Office and Depot stations in Greater Noida.

Noida Metro Approved Routes

Line-1 Aqua Line: Sector 51 – Knowledge Park V

  • Length: 14.95 km
  • Estimated Cost: Rs. 2,682 crore
  • Note: This extension of the Aqua Line was approved by Uttar Pradesh’s Cabinet in December 2019 and will be developed in 2 phases.
  • Phase 1: Sector 51 to Greater Noida Sector-2 (9.605 km)
  • Phase 1 Stations (5): Noida Sector 122, Noida Sector 123, Greater Noida Sector 4, Ecotech 12 (Tech Zone) and Greater Noida Sector 2
  • Phase 2: Greater Noida Sector-2 to Knowledge Park V (5.8 km)
  • Phase 2 Stations (4): Greater Noida Sector 3, Sector 10, Sector 12 and Knowledge Park V

Noida Metro Proposed New Routes

Various new lines are currently on the drawing board. Some of them are:

Extension of Aqua Line: Depot Station to Chamrawali Bodaki (3.5 km)

  • Note: this eastward extension of Line-1 proposes to connect a residential township being developed for the Delhi – Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC).

New Line – Sector 142 – Botanical Garden

  • Length: 11.504 km
  • Status: Proposed
  • Type: Elevated
  • Note: Alignment and line color have not been finalized

New Line – Greater Noida Knowledge Park II – Jewar Airport

  • Length: 35.64 km
  • Status: Proposed (DPR being prepared by DMRC)
  • Type: Elevated (Express & Local services)
  • Number of Stations: 25
  • Station Names: Greater Noida’s Knowledge Park-II, Chi-I, Chi-II, Chi-III, Chi-IV, Gautam Budh University, Night Safari, Murshadpur, Yamuna Authority’s Sector 26A, Noida International University, Galgotia University, Sector 17A, Sports City, Sector 22A, Sector 22B, Sector 18A, Sector 22C, Sector 19, Sector 2, Sector 20, Sector 21, Sector 28, Sector 29, Nagla Hukum Singh and Jewar Airport
  • Contractors: Cengrs Geotechnica (Geotechnical work) and Centre for Environment Research and Development (EIA and SIA study) for preparation of DPR.

Noida Metro Line-1 Route Map (Operational)

The embedded map below shows the exact location of all stations and can be zoomed into!

An official PDF route map of Noida Metro will be added here when available.

Noida Metro Line-1 Future Route Map (2027)

Noida Metro Future Master Plan Route Map (2030)

Key: Line-1: Aqua Line | Proposed lines (shown in Red & Green)

Noida Metro Tenders

Latest Noida Metro (NMRCL) tender notices can be viewed on NMRCL’s website. News on these notices, their bidders, tenders awarded and contracts are covered in further detail on the news & construction page.

Noida Metro Major Contractors

Work / PackageContractor
Project ExecutorDMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation)
NCDD-01: Detailed Design ConsultantAYESA India
NRS1: 76 Coaches (Rolling Stock)CRRC
NE-01/02: OHE & SCADA SystemSiemens
NS-01: CBTC Signalling and Telecommunication SystemsAnsaldo STS – ZTE Corporation – ZTE Telecom
NC-01: Construction of viaduct & 8 stations from Sector 71-137CEC – SAM India JV
NC-02: Construction of viaduct & 7 stations from Sector 142-149CEC – SAM India JV
NC-03: Construction of viaduct & 6 stations from Knowledge Park II-DepotCEC – SAM India JV
NC-04: Construction of Depot & Workshop BuildingsAnupam Constructions
NC-05: Design, Fabrication & Erection of Pre-engineered Steel Buildings at DepotJindal Buildsys
NGNDDC: Detailed Design Consultant for Noida Sector-51 to Greater Noida Sector-2LKT Engineerinng
NGNC-01: Construction of Noida Sector-51 to Greater Noida Sector-2 (9.605 km viaduct & 5 stations)GR Infraprojects is lowest bidder
DDC OHE: Design of 25 kV Overhead Equipment (OHE) system and Power Supply – SCADA for Aqua Line’s extension2 bids submitted in June 2022
Geotechnical Work for Jewar Airport MetroCengrs Geotechnica
EIA and SIA for Jewar Airport MetroCentre for Environment Research and Development

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