Metro Rail Projects in India – Quick Snapshot

New metro rail (subway) systems are under construction and bringing about vast changes in 20+ Indian cities at a breathtaking pace.

This page provides a quick snapshot with a list of all Indian metro & metrolite rail systems – operational, under construction (ongoing), approved (upcoming) and proposed (planned) projects.

Visit each system’s project page for more in-depth information on their construction progress, project status & news, cost, funding, history, deadlines, tenders, contracts, corridors, lines, station numbers, station names, PDF official route maps, ridership figures, timings and fares.

Most Indian metro projects are being developed in phases (eg. Delhi Metro which is now on Phase 4) while others are being developed by line as funds become available (eg. Mumbai Metro where 169 km of lines are currently under construction in parallel).

Note: I track each project at the package level which gives a better idea of each city’s network in different stages of development. Lengths are derived from tender or detailed design documents. When that is unavailable, satellite imagery is used for approximation.

Key Figures

  • Operational Routes: 707.61 km
  • Under Construction Routes: 505.25 km
  • Approved Routes: 471.54 km
  • Proposed Routes: 1045 km

Fun Facts

The following tables are best viewed on a Desktop device. Approved route figures include routes approved at least by the state government.

List of Operational & Under Construction Metro Projects in India

City & StateOperational NetworkUnder Construction New RoutesApproved New RoutesProposed New RoutesOperatorStart Date
Agra Metro, Uttar Pradesh0 km4 km25.400 kmUPMRCLN/A
Ahmedabad Metro, Gujarat6 km54.1 km7.41 km0 kmGMRC6 March, 2019
Bangalore Metro, Karnataka55.6 km60.63 km56.24 km105.55 kmBMRCL20 October, 2011
Bhopal Metro, Madhya Pradesh0 km6.22 km21.65 km77.13 kmMPMRCLN/A
Chennai Metro, Tamil Nadu54.1 km0 km118.90 km15.30 kmCMRL29 June, 2015
Delhi Metro, Delhi-NCR349 km40.85 km24.99 km57.3 kmDMRC24 December, 2002
Gurgaon Rapid Metro, Haryana12.1 km0 km0 km200 kmRMRG (now DMRC)14 November, 2013
Hyderabad Metro, Telangana67 km0 km0 km58 kmHMRL29 November, 2017
Indore Metro, Madhya Pradesh05.29 km26.24 km57.18MPMRCLN/A
Jaipur Metro, Rajasthan11.98 km0 km0 km26.36 kmJMRC3 June, 2015
Kanpur Metro, Uttar Pradesh08.73 km23.66 km0 kmUPMRCLN/A
Kochi Metro, Kerala25 km2.94 km12.36 km0 kmKMRL19 June, 2017
Kolkata Metro, West Bengal39.25 km56.32 km28.2 km15.7 kmMetro Railway & KMRC24 October, 1984
Lucknow Metro, Uttar Pradesh22.90 km0 km0 km85 kmUPMRCL6 September, 2016
Meerut Metro, Uttar Pradesh0 km3 km17 km15 kmNCRTC, UPMRCN/A
Mumbai Metro, Maharashtra11.40 km169 km21.29 km136.40 kmMMOPL, MMRC & MMMOCL8 June, 2014
Nagpur Metro, Maharashtra24.39 km17.30 km48.30 km0 kmMaha-Metro8 March, 2019
Navi Mumbai Metro, Maharashtra0 km11.10 km0 km95.30 kmCIDCON/A
Noida Metro, Uttar Pradesh29.70 km0 km14.95 km70 kmNMRC25 January, 2019
Patna Metro, Bihar0 km6.107 km24.803 km0 kmPMRCN/A
Pune Metro, Maharashtra0 km58.58 km4.41 km26.46 kmMaha-Metro & Pune IT City Metro Rail Ltd.N/A
Surat Metro, Gujarat0 km18.62 km21.73 km0 kmGMRCN/A

List of Approved Metro, Metrolite & Metro Neo Projects in India

City & StateNetwork LengthApproval DateTotal CostOperator
Gorakhpur Metrolite Uttar Pradesh27.41 kmOctober 2020Rs. 4,672 croreUPMRC
Kozhikode Metrolite, Kerala13.13 kmFebruary 2021Rs. 4,673 croreKRTL
Nashik Metro Neo, Maharashtra32 kmAugust 2019Rs. 2100Maha-Metro
Trivandrum Metro, Kerala21.82 kmFebruary 2021Rs. 2,773 croreKRTL

List of Proposed Metro / Metrolite / Metro Neo Projects in India

Each Indian city and town has a large number of proposed new lines, most of which will never see the light of the day. The following table lists out cities / towns with with serious proposals that could possibly materialize as light rail (Metrolite) and be built in the next 10 years.

City & StateProposed Network Length
Delhi Metrolite, Delhi40.88 km
Bangalore Metrolite, Karnataka60 km
Chennai Metrolite, Tamil Nadu15.50 km
Coimbatore Metro, Tamil Nadu136 km
Guwahati Metro, Assam61.40 km
Jammu Metro, J&K UT43.50 km
Prayagraj Metro, Uttar Pradesh42 km
Raipur Metro, ChhattisgarhUnknown
Srinagar Metro, J&K UT25 km
Uttarakhand Metro, Uttarakhand58 km
Varanasi Metro, Uttar Pradesh29.235 km
Vijayawada Metro, Andhra Pradesh66.2 km
Visakhapatnam Metro, Andhra Pradesh79.91 km
Warangal Metro Neo, Telangana17 km

Besides the above cities, metro projects are proposed in Amritsar, Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Jalandhar, Jabalpur, Ranchi, Hubli, Mathura, Dholera, Thane, Gwalior, Bareilly, Dehradun, Bhubaneswar, Mysore, and Mangalore.

Video: Evolution of Urban Transportation in India (by NCRTC)

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