Pune Ring Road – Information & Status

136.80 km Pune Ring Road by MSRDC is a proposed 4-6 lane access-controlled highway with a circular route alignment around Pune, Maharashtra.

This highway with a vehicle speed limit of 120 kilometres per hour will connect the taluks of Khed, Haveli, Purandhar, Bhor, Mulshi and Maval. It’s alignment has been divided into 3 sections:

  • Eastern Alignment (Part-1): Urse-Soli, common with PMRDA’s Pune Inner Road project
  • Eastern Alignment (Part-2): Solu – Varve (Kelawade)
  • Western Alignment: Urse – Varve

The expressway is expected to be completed and opened in 2030 (current deadline). The project has been allocated nearly Rs 11,000 crore for land acquisition from 83 villages.

  • Total Estimated Cost: Rs. 15,857 crore
  • Project’s Length: 136.80 km
  • Lanes: 6 lanes for 97.80 km and 4 lanes for 39 km
  • Lane Width: 3.75m
  • RoW: 90-110m
  • Design Speed: 120 kmph
  • Status: Land Acquisition & Under Bidding for Construction
  • Owner: Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC)
  • Project Model: DBFOT

Route Map

An official PDF route map of the ring road with village and district information will be added here when available.

The project includes 8 tunnels with a total length of 11.29 km.

Current Status

Land acquisition is underway for the project’s construction. The expressway is expected to be completed and opened in 2030 (current deadline).

Tenders & Contractors

MSRDC had invited RfQ applications for the expressway’s civil construction in April 2023. 18 civil construction firms had qualified. In January 2024, MSRDC invited bids for construction.

Package (Length) & ChainageStatus
PRR W1 (14.65 km): -0.650 to 14.000 – Urse to Village Kemsewadi in Tq Maval MulshiBidding Underway
PRR W2 (20.00 km): 14.000 to 34.000 – Village Kemsewadi to Village Morewadi in Tq MulshiBidding Underway
PRR W3 (14.00 km): 34.000 to 48.000 – Morewadi to Village Vardade Khamgaon Maval in Tq Mulshi and HavelBidding Underway
PRR W4 (7.50 km): 48.000 to 55.500 – Vardade Khamgaon Maval to Village Kalyan Rahatwade in Tq Haveli Bidding Underway
PRR W5 (9.30 km): 55.500 to 64.800 – Kalyan Rathwade to Shivare Kusgaon Phase Tq Haveli BhorBidding Underway
PRR E1 (11.85 km): 0.650 to 12.500 – Village Urse to Village Indori in Mawal TahsilBidding Underway
PRR E2 (13.80 km): 12.500 to 26.300 – Indori to Chimbali Tq Mawal and KhedBidding Underway
PRR E3A & E3B (21.20 km): 26.300 to 47.500 – PRR E3A: Chimbali to Solu Tq Khed; PRR E3B: Solu to Lonikand Km Tq Khed and HaveliBidding Underway
PRR E4 (24.50 km): 47.500 to 72.000: Village Lonikand Near Village Walti Tq HaveliBidding Underway

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