Bangalore–Chennai Expressway – Information & Status

260.85 km Bengaluru – Chennai Expressway (BCE) project, officially NE-7, is an approved 4-lane access-controlled road with a route alignment connecting Hoskote near Bengaluru, Karnataka with Sriperumbudur near Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

This greenfield project was first announced in 2011 and is now being developed under Bharatmala Pariyojana program. Its foundation stone has not been laid yet.

  • Total Estimated Cost: Rs. 17,000 crore
  • Completion Deadline: Not Announced
  • Project’s Total Length: 260.85 km
  • Main Expressway’s Length: 258.80 km
  • Approved Spur: 2.05 km
  • Lanes: 4 (expandable to 8)
  • Owner: National Highway Authority of India (NHAI)
  • Status: Land Acquisition and Financial Bid Evaluation
  • Project Model: Hybrid Annuity Model (HAM)


Bangalore – Chennai Expressway’s feasibility and preliminary design report was prepared by Egis – BCEOM International – SECON in 2009. The report suggests the expressway will get saturated in 2029 (4 lane), 2037 (6 lane) and 2041 (8 lane).

This expressway was originally envisioned as an 8 lane road from the get-go, but was downgraded to 4 lanes in mid-2020 keeping the projected traffic in mind. The expressway will feature a 21 meter wide depressed median and all structures (bridges, culverts etc.) will be built up to allow for future widening to 8 lanes from the inside.

  • Proposed ROW: 90m
  • Proposed Carriageway: 2 x 7.5m
  • Total Number of Bridges: 162
  • Minor Bridges: 144
  • Medium Bridges: 9
  • Major Bridges: 9
  • Railway Crossings: 4
  • Number of Culverts: 143
  • Number of Pedestrian Underpasses: 52
  • Number of Vehicular Underpasses: 41
  • Number of Flyovers: 17


Four spurs have been proposed for inclusion in the Bangalore – Chennai Expressway project. Within those, only Spur-3 has been approved but with a reduced length of 2.050 km.

  • Spur-1 (95.63 km): KM 14 of Expressway to Dobbaspete on NH-4
  • Spur-2 (3.58 km): KM 0 to NH-4 near Konadasapura (east of Bengaluru)
  • Spur-3 (6.47 km): KM 50.91 to Kolar Gold Fields
  • Spur-4 (7.44 km): KM 190.01 to Katpadi

Route Map

This route map of Bangalore – Chennai Expressway displays all key interchanges with other highways and roads (sourced from NHAI’s tender documents).

Tender Status & Contracts

The project has been divided up into 3 phases and 10 sections – all to be executed in parallel. Length displayed below is for the main carriageway. The scope of each may include additional work for approach roads.

Phase 1 (Karnataka)

Package (Length) & SectionContractor / Status
Package 1 (26.40 km): Bangalore to Malur (Km 0.000 to Km 26.400)Dilip Buildcon
Package 2 (27.10 km): Malur to Bangarpet (Km 26.400 to Km 53.500)Dilip Buildcon
Package 3 (17.50 km): Bangarpet to Bethamangala (Km 53.500 to Km 71.000)KCC Buildcon is Lowest Bidder

Phase 2 (Andhra Pradesh & Tamil Nadu)

Package (Length) & SectionContractor / Status
Package 1 (25 km): Bethamangala – Baireddypalle (Km 71.000 to Km 96.000)Montecarlo is Lowest Bidder
Package 2 (31 km): Baireddypalle to Bangarupalem (Km 96.000 to Km 127.000)APCO Infratech is Lowest Bidder
Package 3 (29 km): Bangarupalem to Gudipala (Km 127.000 to Km 156.000)Dilip Buildcon is Lowest Bidder

Phase 3 (Tamil Nadu)

Package (Length) & SectionContractor / Status
Package 1 (24 km): Gudipala to Walajahpet (Km 156.000 to Km 180.000)Montecarlo is Lowest Bidder
Package 2 (24.5 km): Walajahpet to Arakkonam (Km 180.000 to Km 204.500)KCC Buildcon is Lowest Bidder
Package 3 (25.5 km): Arakkonam to Kancheepuram (Km 204.500 to Km 230.000)DP Jain Infra is Lowest Bidder
Package 4 (32.1 km): Kancheepuram to Sriperambadur (Km 230.000 to Km 262.100)RCC is Lowest Bidder

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