Montecarlo Wins Bangalore – Chennai Expressway’s PH2 Package 1

September 15, 2021 Update: Montecarlo (MCL) has received NHAI’s LOA.

March 20, 2021 Original Post: That’s a wrap. Montecarlo Ltd. (MCL) on Friday emerged as the lowest bidder for constructing the 261 km Bangalore – Chennai Expressway‘s Phase 2 Package 1 – the final of 10 sections – after National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) opened financial bids.

This section between Bethamangala to Baireddypalle (Km 71 to Km 96) is 25 km long and split between Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. NHAI invited bids for it in December 2020 with a completion period / deadline of 730 days (2 years). Technical bids were opened on February 4 to reveal 14 bidders.

NHAI’s Estimate: Rs. 951.63 crore

Financial Bid Values of Lowest 5 Technically-Qualified Bidders:

MontecarloRs. 1109.58 crore
Megha EngineeringRs. 1123.93 crore
KCC BuildconRs. 1135.12 crore
PNC InfratechRs. 1138.58 crore
KNR ConstructionsRs. 1147.94 crore

Contract: Phase 2 Package 1

Brief Scope: Construction of Four lane Bangalore Chennai Expressway from Ch.71.000-Ch. 96.000 (Bethamangala to Baireddypalle Section) in the States of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh under Bharatmala Pariyojna on Hybrid Annuity Mode (Phase II-Package I)

Phase 2’s Package 1 from 71.000 to km 96.000 (view full route map) via NHAI’s tender docs

Montecarlo’s bid was 16.59% higher than NHAI’s estimate, but I don’t see that being an issue as earlier this month DBL was awarded Phase 1’s Package 1 & 2 despite their bids being roughly 15% higher.

Prior to this, MCL was the lowest bidder for Phase 3’s Package 1 (Gudipala to Walajahpe in Tamil Nadu) as well making this their second win.

With this development, financial bids for all 10 packages between Hoskote and Sriperumbudur have been opened and contracts for at least 2 of those have been awarded. All of this has transpired in just the past 45 days, something that would be unimaginable in the metro / rail industry.

Unless NHAI re-invites bids for one of the sections, my job for this expressway is now done. Over the next 6 months, tendering for Delhi-Mumbai, Delhi – Dehradun and Delhi – Amritsar expressways should also near completion, so stick along for the ride.

This weekend, I created new information pages for Dwarka Expressway, Delhi’s UER 2 Expressway, and Ahmedabad – Dholera Expressway. Many more are in my backlog including Trans Haryana Expressway and Amritsar – Jamnagar Expressway. Are there any others I should add? Drop a comment below.

Update: New page on Trans Haryana Expressway is now ready – view it here. Check out the ‘Misc’ section in the menu bar for more.

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37 Responses to "Montecarlo Wins Bangalore – Chennai Expressway’s PH2 Package 1"

  1. Rohan says:

    Kanpur – Lucknow and Raipur – Vizag please

  2. Santhosh says:

    When can we expect the work to start on ground?

  3. PK says:

    Chambal expressway is another big one you should cover

  4. Shubham says:

    Check this link for list of expressways. I think a lot of them can be included in the coming days. Good work, keep going!!!

  5. Sanskar Bapna says:

    Info on Raipur Vizag expressway
    And Vadhavan port

  6. Vishal Kumar says:

    Any update on Patna metro?

  7. Sharath says:

    Khammam-Devarapalli expressway (recently awarded)
    Mumbai-Nagpur (advanced stage of completion but will be great to have a record on your site)
    Bangalore-Mysore expressway (if it’s a proper e-way)

  8. U says:

    Kharagpur-Siliguri Expressway in West Bengal
    Assam Expressway from Dhubri to Dibrugarh along the Brahmaputra River
    Barwa Adda Expressway
    Kalyani Expressway

  9. Gunasekaran says:

    Your information are very useful.
    Please give updates like this in Irrigation sector, Indian Navy and Housing sectors and many also.

  10. Lucifer says:

    Bundelkhand expressway

  11. Hari Puttar says:

    everyone’s bids are higher than NHAI’s estimated cost
    not only in this one in 90% cases bids are higher than NHAI’s estimated cost
    i wonder why ??

  12. K. Vishwanath says:

    What’s the latest position of Bengaluru-Mysore Express Way? and when it is expected to complete and open for public?

    • TMRG says:

      I don’t actively track physical progress. YouTube is a great resource for finding current progress / challenges


    Need contractor details for the projects

  14. Mayank says:

    There are a lot of railway projects going on in north east india. Most of them are being handled by Railways only. You can make a page for it mentioning the details.
    You can also add Chennai-Selam expressway.

  15. Pratik Tulankar says:

    You can also create a page on existing and upcoming Suburban rail projects in India.

  16. Ahammed NAZEER says:

    What’s the status of Kavalkinar-Kerala border and kanyakumari link Four lane.started a decade back

  17. Aayush Pittie says:

    Thanks for the updates an Information you’re doing a wonderful job!
    I will like you to cover Updates on DFC’s as well if possible.

  18. More v s says:

    What is the current status of this project ?


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