Surat-Solapur Economic Corridor – Information & Status Update

513.25 km Surat – Nashik – Ahmednagar – Solapur Economic Corridor (NH-150C), also known as Surat – Solapur Expressway, is a 6 lane partially access-controlled highway approved by NHAI with a route alignment connecting Gujarat and Maharashtra.

This greenfield project is being developed under Bharatmala Pariyojana Phase-2 program with a December 2026 deadline. It forms the northern section of the 1271 km Surat – Chennai Expressway and consists of 2 sections: Surat – Ahmednagar (288 km) and Ahmednagar – Solapur – Akkalkot – MH/KN Border (225.25 km)

  • Estimated Cost: Rs. 30,000 crore
  • Project’s Length: 513.25 km
  • Lanes: 6
  • Current Status: Under Construction, Land Acquisition, Bidding Underway
  • Deadline: December 2026
  • Owner: National Highways Authority of India (NHAI)
  • Project Model: Hybrid Annuity Model (HAM)

Route Map

Alignment in red below shows 290.70 km Surat – Ahmednagar section in Gujarat and Maharashtra. Its DPR was prepared by Aarvee Associates – Nag Infrastructure Engineers and Consultant JV.

An official PDF route map of the entire corridor will be added when available.

Source: Environment Clearance site


NHAI in January 2024 published tender notices inviting bids for the construction of all packages except Package 14 which was awarded in 2023.

Package & ChainageContractor / Status
Package 1: Shahapur village to Khamgaon village (Km 288.000 to Km 350.000)Tender Cancelled
Package 2: Khamgaon village to Nagobachiwadi village section (Km 350.000 to Km 415.500)Tender Cancelled
Package 3: Nagobachiwadi village to Katgaon village (Km 415.500 to Km 482.600)Bidding Underway
Package 4: Ambegaon to Chehedi Khurdh (Km 107.000 to Km 146.000)Bidding Underway
Package 5: Chehedi Khurdh to Khandalwadi (Km 146.000 to Km 190.560)Bidding Underway
Package 6: Chincholigurav to Mominakhada (Km 190.560 to Km 245.100)Bidding Underway
Package 7A: Mominakhada to Manjarsumba (Km 245.100 to Km 270.000)Bidding Underway
Package 7B: Manjarsumba to Sarolabaddhi (Km Km 270.000 to Km 290.000)Bidding Underway
Package 8: Sarola Baddi village to Shiral village (Km 290.000 to Km 330.500)Bidding Underway
Package 9: Shiral village to Chinchpur (B) village (Km 330.500 to Km 370.000)Bidding Underway
Package 10: Chinchpur (B) village to Nagobachiwadi village (Km 370.000 to Km 415.500)Bidding Underway
Package 11: Nagobachiwadi village to Katgaon village (Km 415.500 to Km 450.000)Bidding Underway
Package 12: Hingani village to Katgaon village (Km 450.000 to Km 486.000)Bidding Underway
Package 13: Katgaon village to Hasapur village (Km 486.000 to Km 512.000)Tender Cancelled
Package 14: Hasapur village to Badada (Km 512.000 to Km 548.400)G R Infraprojects Ltd. (GRIL)
Package 15: Kasegaon village to Hattur village (Km 0.870 to Km 34.570)Bidding Underway
Package 16: Katgaon village to Bale village sec (North Bypass to Solapur city) (Km 0.000 to Km 30.080)Bidding Underway

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