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Nagpur Metro system is an urban Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS) being built by the Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (MahaMetro) to serve the city of Nagpur, Maharashtra.

Construction work on Nagpur Metro’s 38.215 km Phase 1 started in 2015 with a mix of elevated & at-grade (ground level) lines. Commercial operations on its first section (Khapri – Sitabuldi) was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra on March 8, 2019. The entire Phase 1 project was inaugurated on December 11, 2022.

In November 2017, MahaMetro’s board approved a 3 km extension of Line-1 with the addition of two new stations at Ecopark and Metro City – extending the first phase of the project to 41.7 km. This extension however was not approved by the state government.

In January 2019, the Maharashtra government approved the Detailed Project Report, prepared by RITES, for a 48.3 km Phase 2 project comprising of 32 stations. See the Phase 2 page for more information.

System Specifications

  • Top Speed: 90 kmph
  • Average Speed: 33 kmph
  • Track Gauge: Standard Gauge – 1435 mm
  • Electrification: 25 kV, 50 Hz AC OHE
  • Signalling: Communication-based Train Control (CBTC)

Key Figures

Operational: 38.215 km | Approved: 48.3 km (Phase 2)

  • Phase 1 Deadline: March 2021
  • My Completion Estimate: 2022-end
  • Daily Ridership: 95,000/day (August 2023)
  • Rolling Stock: 69 coaches (23 train-sets x 3) supplied by CRRC

Nagpur Metro Phase 1 Routes

Line 1 – Orange Line: Automotive Square – Khapri

  • Length: 19.658 km
  • Type: Elevated
  • Depot: MIHAN Depot
  • Number of Stations: 22
  • Station Names: Automotive Square, Nari Road, Indora Square, Kadvi Square, GaddiGodam Square, Kasturchand Park, Zero Mile, Sitabuldi (interchange), Congress Nagar, Rahate Colonny, Ajni Square, Chhatrapati Square, Jaiprakash Nagar, Ujjwal Nagar, Airport, Airport South, New Airport and Khapri.
  • Note: In November 2017, MahaMetro approved a 2.63 km southern extension from Khapri to Metro City, adding 2 stations at Ecopark  and Metro City, taking the line’s length from 19.658 km to approximately 22.293 kms. This extension however was not approved by the state government, and is expected to be executed in Phase 2.

Line 2 – Aqua Line: Lokmanya Nagar – Prajapati Nagar

  • Length: 19.407 km
  • Type: Elevated
  • Depot: Hingna Depot
  • Number of Stations: 20
  • Station Names: Prajapati Nagar, Vaishno Devi Square, Ambedkar Square, Telephone Exchange, ChittarOli Square, Agrasen Square, Dosar Vaisya Square, Nagpur Railway Station, Cotton Market, Sitabuldi (interchange), Jhansi Rani Square, Institute of Engineers, Shankar Nagar Square, LAD Square, Dharampeth College, Subhash Nagar, Rachana Ring Road Junction, Vasudev Nagar, Bansi Nagar and Lokmanya Nagar

Nagpur Metro Route Map (Operational)

An official PDF route map of Nagpur Metro will be added here when available.

Nagpur Metro Phase 1 Route Map

The embedded map below shows the exact location of all stations and can be zoomed into!

Nagpur Metro Fare Chart (Prices)

Nagpur Metro’s single journey tickets are priced at a minimum of Rs. 10 (for the first 5 km) and go up to a maximum of Rs. 30.

Nagpur Metro Tenders

Latest Nagpur Metro (Maha-Metro) tender notices can be viewed on Maha-Metro’s website. News on these notices, their bidders, awarded tenders and contracts are covered in further detail on the news & construction page.

Nagpur Metro Phase 1 Contractors

Interim ConsultancyRITES – DMRC
Geotechnical InvestigationAnandjiwala Consultants
General Consultant (GC)SYSTRA – Egis Rail – AECOM – RITES JV
69 Standard Gauge Coaches (Rolling Stock)CRRC Ltd.
Design Competition for Sitabuldi Interchange and Zero Mile Station Including Property DevelopmentEnia Architects & Mahendra Raj Consultants
25 KV Single Phase, 50Hz AC OHE in At-Grade section and MIHAN DepotBright Power Projects India Pvt. Ltd.
2000 MT 90 UTS Rails, UIC 60, IRS-T-12-2009, 880 GradeJindal Steel & Power Ltd.
10000 MT 60E1 (UIC 600), 1080 Grade Head Hardened (HH) RailsEast Metal AG
Standard Gauge 60E1 (UIC 60) TurnoutsVossloh Cogifer
Ballastless track in at-grade section of Line-1 and ballasted/embedded track in MIHAN & Hingna DepotsRahee Infra Structure
Signalling & Train Control SystemSiemens Ltd. – Siemens Rail Automation (S.A.U) JV
Open Loop Automated Fare Collection (AFC) SystemState Bank of India – S.S.C. PTE – AurioPro Solutions JV
Telecommunication SystemL&T Smart World Communication
Elevators & EscalatorsSchindler India Pvt. Ltd.
25 KV Flexible OHE and PostsSiemens India Pvt. Ltd.
Machinery and Plant (M&P) for rolling stock depots at MIHAN and HingnaSiemens India Pvt. Ltd.
Ballastless track of standard gauge on Line-1 and Line-2 (2 contracts)Rahee – EMRail JV; Texmaco Rail Engineering – Rahee Infratech JV
Construction of Khapri & Hingna DepotsPratibha CSL – Sudhir Constructions JV
Construction of Khapri Depot – New Airport (At-Grade – 4.5 km)NCC Ltd.
Construction of New Airport – Congress Nagar on Reach-1
(Viaduct – 7.61 km)
NCC Ltd.
Construction of  Khapri – Congress Nagar on Reach-1
(10 elevated stations)
IL&FS Engineering Ltd.
Construction of Lokmanya Nagar – Jhansi Rani Square on Reach-3
(10 elevated stations)
ITD Cementation Ltd.
Construction of Lokmanya Nagar – Jhansi Rani Square on Reach-3
(Viaduct – 10.387 km)
Afcons Infrastructure Ltd.
Construction of Sitabuldi – Prajapati Nagar on Reach-4
(Viaduct – 8.15 km)
ITD Cementation Ltd.
Construction of Sitabuldi – Prajapati Nagar on Reach-4
(8 elevated stations)
ITD Cementation Ltd.
Construction of Sitabuldi – Automotive Square on Reach-2 with double-decker railway-span near Gaddigodam
(Viaduct – 7.144 km)
Afcons Infrastructure

Nagpur Metro History (Key Dates)

• 08 March 2019: Khapri – Sitabuldi (Orange Line) – 13 km
• 28 January 2020: Lokmanya Nagar – Sitabuldi (Aqua Line) – 9.9 km
• 21 August 2021: Sitabuldi – Kasturchand Park (Orange Line) – 1.49 km
• 11 December 2022: Kasturchand Park – Automotive Square (Orange Line) – 5.82 km
• 11 December 2022: Sitabuldi – Prajapati Nagar (Aqua Line) – 7.98 km

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