Metro work at Jaipur’s Badi Chaupar to begin in Sept

Work for the Badi Chaupar station on the 2.35 km extension from Chandpol station is expected to begin in September. The contractor of this stretch, CEC-CICI JV contractor, will be using the top-down technology in which first the diaphragm walls are constructed by boring down and then concreting them. After that, the top slab is put in place with regular openings for the TBM shaft and entrances/exits. A steel frame will then be put on top  on which different service/utility pipes will rest.

Barricades at Badi Chaupar Metro Station - Photo Copyright: Times of India

Barricades at Badi Chaupar Metro Station – Photo Copyright: Times of India

Google Earth view of the Metro station site to the east of Badi Chaupar

The contractor has shifted 90% of all telephone and electric wiring but still has to move some 5 undocumented water pipelines. The contractor & JMRC plan to lay temporary pipelines on the surface instead of shifting them elsewhere in order to prevent water from seeping & destroying the foundations of old buildings in case they break.

For more updates from Jaipur Metro, check out the Jaipur section of the TMRG!


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