Delhi Metro Gets Ready for Faridabad Line’s Inauguration

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation and its finishing contractors are in the process of applying the final touches on the 13.875 km Violet line’s extension to Faridabad which will be inaugurated by the Prime Minister on this Sunday, September 6. The entire line has been built on the eastern side of the National Highway 2 (old highway numbering) and consists of 9 stations at Sarai, NHPC Chowk, Mewala Maharajpur, Sector 28, Badhkal Mor, Old Faridabad, Neelam Chowk, Ajronda, Bata Chowk and Escorts Mujesar.

The following new images sourced from various locations have been compiled at the local fan page (not official) of the Faridabad Metro.

one of the stations

the stations are functional and this one looks well finished!

looking the other way

looking the other way

Badhkal Station

Badhkal Mor Station

Mewala Maharajpur

Mewala Maharajpur station

NHPC Chowk getting its signage installed

NHPC Chowk getting its signage installed

If you look closely, all stations have been equipped with a Foot Overbridge to allow easy access to & from the other side of the highway. Well played, Delhi Metro..well played! Chennai is in the process of getting its act together. See: Foot Overbridges to Connect 2 Chennai Metro Stations

Meanwhile, trials on the extension continue daily:

captured on the go

captured on the go

nice view from an adjacent building

view from an adjacent building

street (errr..highway) view of a trial in progress

street (errr..highway) view of a trial in progress

The maps within the Violet line have been updated! - view larger image

The maps within the Violet line’s trains have been updated! – view larger image

I’ve shared the following images before, but just to recap, the line’s trains will be maintained and serviced at the Ajronda Depot:

Ajronda Depot - Photo Copyright: Tribune India

Ajronda Depot on Badarpur – Faridabad line  – Photo Copyright: Tribune India

This image shows the metro line switching from the west side to the eastern side of NH2:

Trial Run on Faridabad Line - photo: Daily Mail, used under Creative Commons License (By 2.0)

Trial Run on Faridabad Line – Photo Copyright: Daily Mail

After this extension opens, local residents will not have hitch to a ride on a shared auto or ask to get dropped by family to the Badarpur station to reach different parts of Delhi. While they’ll rejoice the new extension’s opening, I’ll quietly eat some halwa & jalebi to celebrate the Delhi Metro network breaching the 200 km mark!

For more updates on the Delhi Metro, check out the Delhi section of the TMRG!


September 5 Update: To see a visual history of the Faridabad line’s construction, check out: A Look Back at the History of Delhi Metro’s Faridabad Corridor

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    Let me join with you too for crossing 200km mark.


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