Lucknow Metro’s Airport Station to be Built 100m from Airport Terminal

So looks like no amount of convincing has been able to make the Airports Authority of India (AAI) budge from allowing the Airport station of Lucknow’s Metro line to be built 50m from the terminal as originally planned in Phase 2. As a per a recent report, the AAI has mandated the Lucknow Metro Rail Corp to build the station’s building at least 100 meters away from the terminal due to security concerns, but has allowed connecting structures to be built closer.  As such, the LMRC is now forced to come up with a new design.

Satellite view of the parking lot, terminal & apron area of the airport:

As per one LMRC official:

We are allowed to build underground staircases, elevators and foot over bridges within 50 metres to give easy access to passengers and none of it poses security threats to the airport. But AAI doesn’t allow putting metro station within 50 metre range. They have some developments proposed in the area too.

Lucknow's new terminal which opened in 2012 - Photo Copyright: Architecture Live

Lucknow’s new terminal which opened in 2012 – Photo Copyright: Architecture Live

Map showing the Priority corridor’s route along with the Transport Nagar to Airport stretch which will be built in Phase 2:

Lucknow Metro's 8.3 KM priority corridor + Transport Nagar-Airport stretch

Lucknow Metro’s 8.3 KM priority corridor + Transport Nagar-Airport stretch

I reckon the LMRC will make one last effort to convince AAI to allow building the station closer, and if that fails, then they’ll go ahead with the AAI’s requirement. While the station should be as close as possible for passenger comfort (who likes hauling bags?), I do believe that an additional 50m away won’t give anyone leg cramps.

For more updates on Lucknow’s metro, check out the Lucknow section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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