[Pics] Delhi Metro Red Line’s Extension to Ghaziabad Taking Shape

The Delhi Metro Red line’s 9.410 km extension from Dilshad Garden to Ghaziabad’s New Bus Adda is taking shape really nicely! This section is under construction by GYT-TPL JV (A Joint Venture of GYT-China and Tata Projects Limited) as part of Phase 3’s CC-87 contract with a construction completion deadline of June 14 2017.

This elevated extension lies entirely within the city of Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh and includes 7 new stations at Shahid Nagar, Raj Bagh, Rajendra Nagar, Shyam Park, Mohan Nagar, Arthla and New Bus Adda as shown below:

Alignment of Delhi Metro Red line's extension to Ghaziabad's New Bus Adda

Alignment of Delhi Metro Red line’s extension to Ghaziabad’s New Bus Adda – view Delhi Metro map


Delhi's Red line u/c on GT Road - Photo Copyright - Vijay Gupta

Delhi Metro’s Red line u/c on GT Road, Ghaziabad – Photo Copyright – Vijay Gupta

As per an engineer on-site, the following have been achieved up till today:

• 14 Pile Caps cast
• 70 Piers erected
• 8 Pier Caps erected

Vijay Gupta

A pier being cast – Photo Copyright – Vijay Gupta

Does the pier cap below indicate something? Seems to resemble the ones found at Delhi’s Airport Express line, Faridabad line, Noida-Gr.Noida project and Lucknow metro? You guessed it right! The contractor will be using the sleek U-shaped girders (see example) to construct the line.

Vijay Gupta

A completed pier – Photo Copyright – Vijay Gupta


Photo Copyright – Vijay Gupta

Vijay Gupta

A pier cap being hoisted up – Photo Copyright – Vijay Gupta

Vijay Gupta

Photo Copyright – Vijay Gupta

Vijay Gupta

Almost there.. –  Photo Copyright – Vijay Gupta

Vijay Gupta

Making sure the pier cap fit in perfectly – Photo Copyright – Vijay Gupta

The Red line between Dilshad Garden –  Kashmere Gate – Rithala is currently 25.09 km long. Once this extension starts commercial operations in 2018, the line will become 34.50 km long 🙂

For more updates on Delhi Metro’s Phase III, check out the Delhi section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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2 Responses to "[Pics] Delhi Metro Red Line’s Extension to Ghaziabad Taking Shape"

  1. Rajesh says:

    Please update the latest pics of the project, Road below the Metro Bridge is being used as permanent parking by heavy vehicles and for repair of vehicles.

    Is the same is allowed anywhere ? if No, then why here ?.

  2. Peeyush Karnani says:

    Please give us update on this extension.


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