[Pics] Noida Metro’s Progress along Noida – Gr. Noida Expressway

Here are some brand new images of Noida’s 30.016 km new metro line to Greater Noida! These images provide a glimpse of the progress made on the NC02 section of the line between Sector 137 and Sector 149 where the metro line is being built by the CEC-SAM JV on the partially built sector road that runs parallel to the Noida – Greater Noida expressway. Once the civil construction of the metro line nears completion in 2017, the rest of the sector road on either side of the line will be built.

Source from NMRC - view full map

Route map of the Noida – Gr. Noida Metro (in black)

Sector 142 - Photo Copyright: HT

Running by Sectors 136 & 142 with the Sector 143 station in the background – Photo Copyright: HT


Sector 143 station – Photo Copyright: Gaurs21


At Sector 146 & 147 – Photo Copyright: Jayanta Sarkar


Photo Copyright: Jayanta Sarkar


Sector 148 – Photo Copyright: Jayanta Sarkar

Here are some new images from inside the casting yard set up in Sector 149:


U-shaped girders being cast – Photo Copyright: Jayanta Sarkar


Inside an idle casting bay – Photo Copyright: Jayanta Sarkar


Stacked up! – Photo Copyright: Jayanta Sarkar


Formwork for a pier cap – Photo Copyright: Jayanta Sarkar


Rebar for a pier cap waiting to be cast – Photo Copyright: Jayanta Sarkar


Just cast! – Photo Copyright: Jayanta Sarkar

Overall, things are progressing quite nicely with the Noida Metro Rail Corporation (project owner) and Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (project executor) aggressively planning to open the line by November 2017. Here are some recent reports that might interest you:

• Nod for art, murals on metro pillars (Times of India) 

• Gas-insulated substation for Noida Metro (Times of India)

• Smart fare collection, app planned for Noida Metro (Times of India)

For more updates, check out the Noida – Greater Noida section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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3 Responses to "[Pics] Noida Metro’s Progress along Noida – Gr. Noida Expressway"

  1. Anand Basera says:

    Great progress, metro guys.

  2. Rajeev Srivastava says:

    We r waiting badly for metro in greater noida. Great speed. This will be first project which will complete before time.

  3. pramod says:

    Keep updating, great work guys!
    Unique idea of putting this website.
    However, please keep things latest


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