4th Launching Gantry Commissioned for Ahmedabad Metro’s EW Line

Last month, while J Kumar Infraprojects was commissioning their 3rd launching gantry at Apparel Park, they in fact also commissioned a 4th one at Vastral Gam – at the opposite end of their 6 km portion of Ahmedabad Metro’s 20.536 km east-west line! The first two LGs were set up in the Vastral station area and commissioned in February & May after which they rapidly began launching precast segments to build the elevated viaduct’s spans.

Alignment of the under construction section between Apparel Park and Vastral Gam

6km Apparel Park – Vastral Gam section – view Ahmedabad Metro map & information


4th Launching Gantry in action – Photo Copyright: Pramod Kumar


Photo Copyright: Pramod Kumar


Photo Copyright: Pramod Kumar

Meanwhile, the 1st LG on auto-launch mode has crossed the Sardar Patel Ring Road and is progressing towards the Vastral Gam station (right):


Photo Copyright: Hansal Patel

I’ve shared this previously, but here’s a brilliant 1 minute video on how the Launching Gantry works its magic with precast segments one by one to build modern segmental viaducts/bridges:

For more updates, check out the Ahmedabad section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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2 Responses to "4th Launching Gantry Commissioned for Ahmedabad Metro’s EW Line"

  1. SACHIN says:

    great job

  2. Bhavik says:

    There in no 4th launching girder. There are only three launching girder till date.


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