Tenders Released for Two Sections of Ahmedabad’s Metro

Two new tenders have been released by the MetroLink Express Gandhinagar-Ahmedabad (MEGA) for building the North-South line (see official map) of Ahmedabad’s new metro system.

1) APMC – Shreyas (viaduct + 4 stations):  4.62 kms on the southern end of the line. Construction will likely start in October 2015.

2) Ranip – Motera (viaduct only): 4.85 kms on the northern end of the line. Construction will likely start by December 2015

With tenders for these 2 stretches released, that leaves the stretch between Shreyas and Ranip on the North-South line left to be tendered. If the length of the routes/tender is anything to go by, then this section will have at least 2 tenders just for constructing the viaduct.



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