Excellent Voice-over on the Delhi Metro’s Maintenance

Last month I ran a post on how the the Delhi Metro manages to be a model of efficiency every day (see that post here) with images showcasing the Khyber Pass Depot where majority of the Yellow line trains are maintained and take rest after each day.

BBC Hindi just released an excellent voice-over “video” with images from a Yellow line depot (probably Khyber Pass) and from the Blue line (Yamuna Bank depot) showing how disciplined the Delhi Metro Rail Corp is when it comes to maintenance. Their maintenance team, comprising of roughly 100 workers, check-in at 10 pm and regularly wash the trains from outside and inside (floor, handles, glass) using cleaning fluids and chemicals. During the day, engineers monitor the trains’ health to ensure that the network runs as smooth as possible.

While a regular commuter would never get a chance to see what goes behind the scenes to run the system, I’m sure once you see this, your respect for the entire DMRC team will go up!

Here’s the voice-over “video”. Enjoy!


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