Excellent Video Report on the Kochi Metro Project

Frank Pereira from the Rajya Sabha TV has come out with an excellent 25 minute special report on how the Kochi Metro is being built. Besides excellent visuals from the street & elevated levels, he takes us behind the scenes where nobody but metro officials & workers are allowed, to show us how the metro is constructed. This includes:

• An explanation of the Kochi metro’s route, cost, station & train design at various times.
• Simple explanations from a Metro engineer on how the metro’s elevated structure is constructed one by one to form the elevated viaduct. From bottom to top: Piles-Pile Cap-Pier-Pier Cap-Girder
• Simple explanation from a Metro engineer on the design of a typical station and what it consists of.
• An exclusive look of a precast yard which is used to cast U-girders, I-girders and pier caps.
Fun Fact: Kochi’s precast yard has 4 casting bays which can cast 18 girders at the same time.
• An explanation about the mobility hub being constructed at Vytilla to integrate with water transportation

Here’s the video. Doesn’t matter if you’re from Kochi or not – these 25 minutes will be well worth your time. Enjoy!

For more updates on Kochi’s Metro, check out the Kochi section of the TMRG!


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