Images of TBM being used for Jaipur Metro’s Tunnels

Under Phase 1B of the Jaipur Metro project, the existing line is currently being extended by a distance of 2.35 kms from Chandpol station to Badi Chaupar via the Choti Chaupar station by a JV company comprising of CEC & CICI. Of this, 1800 meters will be tunneled by two TBMs manufactured by The Robbins Company. While one Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) has already started tunneling towards Choti Chaupar, another TBM will soon be lowered into the TBM shaft at Chandpol to bore & make the parallel twin tunnel.

Launch Shaft:

Note: In a couple years from now, this view of the shaft will go away!

These images show the first TBM being lowered into the shaft located just north of the Chandpol station:

Photo Copyright: Suneel Mathur

Tail Shield – Photo Copyright: Suneel Mathur

Photo Copyright: Suneel Mathur

Forward Shield – Photo Copyright: Suneel Mathur

Photo Copyright: Suneel Mathur

Forward Shield being hoisted and lowered into the shaft – Photo Copyright: Suneel Mathur

Copyright Bholaram Siwane

Copyright Bholaram Siwane

This Earth Pressure Balance TBM has a diameter of 6.65 meters and was previously used for tunneling the Delhi Metro’s tunnels. It had to be refurbished & customized to meet the tunneling requirements of Jaipur’s geology. For example, the cutterhead had to be modified and a new foam system had to be installed. It also received an upgrade for active articulation which allows it to better handle curves.

This TBM is currently tunneling & on its way to the Choti Chaupar station. Whenever it makes a breakthrough, I’ll be sure to post an update, so do check back!

For more updates on the Jaipur Metro, check out the Jaipur section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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