View of Jaipur Metro’s Choti Chaupar Station Taking Shape

Under Phase 1B of the Jaipur Metro project, the existing line is currently being extended by a distance of 2.35 kms from Chandpol station to Badi Chaupar via the Choti Chaupar station by a JV company comprising of CEC & CICI.

The following image shows Jaipur’s Choti Chaupar station taking shape via the top-down method of construction:

Copyright: Dainik Bhaskar

Copyright: Dainik Bhaskar

Under this technique, first the diaphragm wall is cast and then the ground level’s slab is laid. After that, excavation is carried below it – which is currently in progress in Jaipur. After this, the slab for the concourse level will be laid following which the ground beneath it will be excavated to “unearth” the platform level of the station.

For more updates on Jaipur’s metro, check out the Jaipur section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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