View of Gurgaon Metro’s Under Construction Sector 55-56 Station

It’s not every day that we get to see the development of Gurgaon’s metro, so anything thrown towards me by fellow followers deserves to be highlighted! The following image shows the Sector 55-56 (terminal) station which is being built as part of the 7 km southward extension of the Gurgaon Metro from Sikandarpur towards Sector 56. This image was shot a couple days ago from the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel located on the Golf Course Road.

Google Earth’s satellite imagery to show location:

Photo Copyright: funkyrooges

Photo Copyright: funkyrooges

A closer look - Photo Copyright: funkyrooges

A closer look – Photo Copyright: funkyrooges

As you can see, they’re currently working on building the floor slab for the concourse level of the station and still have quite a lot to complete.  The line’s construction is overall progressing at a good pace (See: [Pics] Gurgaon Metro’s Phase 2 Line on Golf Course Road) with no roadblocks, and trials have been announced to start in March 2016 with commercial operations beginning later in September.

For more updates on Gurgaon’s Metro, check out the Gurgaon section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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