Delhi Metro Joins the War Against Dengue, Launches Awareness Campaign

Yes, this post does not contain an update, but it does highlight how local government organizations can do their bit in spreading awareness about issues plaguing the city. With the reach & influence they have, government organizations, like private companies, can and must leverage their resources to bring about awareness & change through good corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities & campaigns like this.


Image Source: Zee News

One of the banners placed at a station - Photo Copyright: Mamta Kundu

One of the banners placed at a station – Photo Copyright: Mamta Kundu

With Delhi continuing to battle and reel under dengue, the Delhi Metro Rail Corp (DMRC) has put up more than 300 large banners and posters at all its stations. These banners contain information in a bullet-point format which is simple to understand. Even the public information display system has been fed with scrolling messages to educate the commuters on how to prevent the disease from further spreading. Apart from that, various meets have been held at the Metro’s Depots and employee residential colonies around the city to spread aware.

For  updates on the Delhi Metro, check out the Delhi section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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