The Metro Rail Guy Got Mentioned in the Times of India!

Last week I had posted about how the upcoming Badli Mor station on Delhi Metro’s Yellow line got renamed to Haiderpur station just months before starting operations after a request to change its name was submitted by Bandana Kumari, the local AAP MLA from Shalimar Bagh – See:  Delhi Metro’s Upcoming Badli Mor Station is Now Officially Called Haiderpur Station.

Yesterday, the Times of India picked this news up & published an article while mentioning my name:

However, while Kumari may be happy with the change, residents of neighbouring Shalimar Place and Badli More are not amused. RWAs have complained that the station’s name doesn’t reflect the character of the area, which is locally known as Badli More. Haiderpur, say locals, is simply a smaller village in the locality. A local blogger, “TheMetroRailGuy”, has even pointed out the disproportionate representation of neighbourhood localities with the station being renamed.

The full article can be read here.

While I’m not a local blogger, I do sincerely appreciate the mention! Since The Metro Rail Guy was launched less than 3 months ago, I’m quite happy with this little milestone and look forward to more mentions & shout-outs in the media 🙂

Like always, for the latest updates on India’s metro systems, check out the Home Page of The Metro Rail Guy!


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