Noida Metro to Appoint DMRC to Operate & Maintain Noida – Gr.Noida Metro Line

So with construction rapidly progressing on the 29.07 km Noida – Greater Noida metro line, the Noida Metro Rail Corp has now given its in-principle approval to appoint the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) to operate and maintain the line for a period of five years. Operations and Maintenance services include pretty much all facets of metro operations from customer service to ticketing to station operations to rolling stock (train) maintenance.

DMRC's Metro Bhawan HQs - Photo Copyright: Pioneerwest

DMRC’s Metro Bhawan HQs on Fire Brigade Lane, Barakhamba area in Delhi – Photo Copyright: Pioneerwest

Another view of the Raj Rewal designed Metro Bhawan - Photo Copyright: Raj Rewal

Another view of the Raj Rewal designed building – Photo Copyright: Raj Rewal

The DMRC is currently preparing the contract details after a recent meeting which took place between the upper management of both the metro corps to discuss this unique arrangement. Once the contract is finalized, it would be sent to the UP government for its approval after which a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) will be signed.

As per the Chairperson of Noida & Greater Noida, Rama Raman:

This (MoU) could happen in the next three months. Their (DMRC’s) involvement at this nascent stage will give them sufficient time to review the detailed design, and recruit and train the manpower.  We believe that outsourcing of O&M will not only lead to significant operational cost reduction, but also improve the efficiency of business operations, increase productivity and maximise total cost of ownership. Besides, DMRC’s technical expertise and focus on precision and safety will enable the company to achieve and exceed stiff targets.

According to the thumb rule, 42 to 45 people per kilometer, ie nearly 1,200 people, will need to be employed to operate and maintain the corridor. The legal, administrative and public relations part will be handled by NMRC. Also, we have yet to finalize who will handle security of the corridor.

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