First U-Girder Launched for Noida – Gr.Noida Metro at Knowledge Park V

The pace of this project never ceases to amaze me!

Yesterday at around 11:45 am, the CEC-SAM JV launched the first U-shaped girder for the 30.016 km Noida – Greater Noida metro line at sector Knowledge Park V! This girder was launched and placed between piers #962 and #963 in the NC03 section of the line. I must note that barely 2 weeks ago, the contractor had erected the pier caps on these 2 piers.

Yellow star - location where the U-girder was launched

Yellow star – location where the U-girder was launched

• NC01 spans from Sector 71 to Sector 137
• NC02 spans from Sector 137 to Sector 149
• NC03 spans from Sector 149 to the Depot Station in Greater Noida
• The section from Sector 71 to Knowledge Park V will be constructed in the next phase.



Directions to the site – Photo Copyright: Mohammad Azhar


About to be hoisted in 3..2..1… – Photo Copyright: Varinder Goraya


And we have a lift-off! – Photo Copyright: Arnab Sur


Photo Copyright: Varinder Goraya


Photo Copyright: Arnab Sur


Photo Copyright: Mohammad Azhar


Done! – Photo Copyright: Arnab Sur


Photo Copyright: Mohammad Azhar


Photo Copyright: Varinder Goraya

Mangu Singh who serves as the Delhi Metro Rail Corp’s MD was present at the launch and expressed confidence that the line will open for services in March 2017. That sounds a little too ambitious and I believe he might have been misquoted. The target date for trials is July 2017 and he must have made a reference to this instead of commercial services which are being targeted to start by Diwali 2017.

For more updates on Noida’s Metro, check out the Noida & Gr. Noida section of the The Metro Rail Guy!


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