Delhi Metro Completes Pushing Truss Bridge at Punjabi Bagh

On Tuesday night, the Delhi Metro’s contractors for CC-28 completed pushing a 60m long steel truss bridge for the 58.596 km Pink line over the Punjabi Bagh underpass on Rohtak Road! This task took 5 days to complete and was achieved using multiple rollers and hydraulic jacks.

Weighing 350 MT, the bridge was recently assembled just north of the Punjabi Bagh West metro station and pushing work for it began on January 15  by a team of Larsen & Toubro and HMM Infra. This bridge will allow the new Hyundai-Rotem trains on the Pink line to cross over the underpass and go right beneath the Green line’s section between Shivaji Park and Punjabi Bagh stations as shown below:

As seen above, due to the lack of space for launching the bridge, roughly 20% of the Punjabi Bagh West station has not been constructed yet. Now that the bridge has been launched, work to wrap up its remaining portion will begin.


A foot overbridge will connect the Pink line’s Punjabi Bagh West station with the Green line’s Shivaji Park station

Photo Copyright: Gaurav Sood

Pink line’s bridge at Punjabi Bagh – Photo Copyright: Gaurav Sood

Photo Copyright: Gaurav Sood

Photo Copyright: Gaurav Sood

Photo Copyright: Gaurav Sood

The bridge will be lowered over the next 2 weeks – Photo Copyright: Gaurav Sood

Photo Copyright: Ayan Bera

Photo Copyright: Ayan Bera

Work on pushing the bridge was primarily carried out by L&T’s subcontractor HMM Infra Ltd which has vast expertise in assembling & launching steel structures. Their team comprised of R.K. Srivastava (GM Technical), Sameer Goel (Project Engineer A.K.A the “launching expert”), Gaurav Sood (GM of Business Development), 3 engineers and 35 construction workers.

Photo Copyright: Ayan Bera

Photo-op time! – Photo Copyright: Ayan Bera

Photo Copyright: Ramnaresh Khushwaha

Clicked on Wednesday morning – Photo Copyright: Ramnaresh Khushwaha

Over the next 2 weeks, the team will remove the supporting trestles (seen in the above image) and slowly lower the bridge onto the piers located on either side. Once that is done, they will shift their focus a couple hundred meters north to the Shakurpur site where the Pink line will cross over the Delhi–Fazilka railway line. The steel truss bridge for it has already been erected on the adjacent piers, but the team is awaiting a railway block to start pushing it. Whenever that happens, I’ll post about it!

For more updates on Delhi Metro’s Phase III, check out the Delhi section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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3 Responses to "Delhi Metro Completes Pushing Truss Bridge at Punjabi Bagh"

  1. Prateek says:

    Hi! I returned back to Delhi last week. Just wanted to know that the distance between Shivaji Park station and the new West Punjabi Bagh station is quite far, whereas it is little near to the Punjabi Bagh station. So will they connect to either of these stations with travelators? So, that we don’t have to walk long in this blistering heat or in the shivering winters.

    • TMRG says:

      Hi, they’ll connect the Punjabi Bagh West station with the Shivaji Park station via a 900m long FOB – see this article. Building the FOB across the ring road to Punjabi Bagh would have been shorter, but more challenging & costlier.

  2. Dhananjay Varshney says:

    Where is connectivity between Shivaji Park & Punjabi Bagh (West) stations with 22 travelators ????
    No work is visible ….


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