Aerial Images of Lucknow’s Metro at Transport Nagar

Here are some fantastic new aerial images of the southern most section of the under construction 8.48 km priority stretch of Lucknow’s Metro! These were captured in the middle of February while taking off from the nearby CCS Airport. Three key under construction features/POIs are visible here:

  1. Transport Nagar station just above the road intersection
  2. Transport Nagar depot with 2 sheds towards the top-left
  3. Parallel line towards the depot for which a ramp will be built

Alignment of Lucknow’s 8.48 km priority corridor – view Lucknow Metro map and information


Photo Copyright: Yasar Shah


Photo Copyright: Yasar Shah


Photo Copyright: Yasar Shah

Overall, the construction of the line is progressing satisfactorily with a targeted completion of December 2016. Recently, the LMRC’s contractors began installing masts for the overhead equipment (OHE) from which the trains will draw power – an entire month ahead of the official schedule. On March 16, track installation work will begin from the Transport Nagar side and gradually progress northward.

For more updates on the Lucknow Metro, check out the Lucknow section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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