First Segment Cast for Nagpur Metro’s Elevated Section

After casting the first pier on Wardha Road in April, workers from NCC Ltd. last week completed casting the first ever segment for the 7.61 km elevated Reach 1 section of Nagpur Metro’s 19.66 km north-south line! The segment is currently being cured using gunny/hessian bags which will be removed in the coming days to reveal its final look at the Jamtha casting yard. After a couple of months, it will then be erected on-site along with other segments (see: images form Ahmedabad Metro’s construction) and joined together using post-tensioning techniques to form the metro’s viaduct.


Photo Copyright: NMRCL

Excerpt from NMRCL’s FB page:

#NMRCL’s First Segment #Casting is completed at the #Jamtha Casting Yard. The Grade of Segment is M50 of length 3m. Width of segment at Top is 8.5m while the bottom width is 3.6m. Height (Depth) is 2m & total weight of one segment is Approx 37MT. Such total of 2390 segments are required.

Question asked by a user to NMRCL:

What is the maximum and minimum length of single span and also maximum and minimum number of segments required in single span

Answer by the NMRCL:

The maximum length of span is 44m and minimum is 15m. The standard length of mid segment is 3m & that of end segment is 2m. The number of segments will vary accordingly.

For more updates, check out the Nagpur section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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