Kolkata Metro Unveils Design of CNR Dalian Trains

Hat tip to TMRG reader Adri for sharing this news.

The operator of Kolkata’s Metro, ‘Metro Railway, Kolkata’ has unveiled the design of their 14 new trains that are being procured from CNR Dalian!

Frustrated with operating a snag-prone rickety fleet produced by ICF Perambur, Kolkata Metro’s operator in 2011 had invited global bids to procure 112 coaches (14 train-sets x 8 coaches) after which CNR Dalian, a subsidiary of Chinese state owned CRRC Corporation, placed the lowest bid & won the contract in 2015 for a publicly undisclosed amount that is estimated to be around Rs. 800 crore.

These 14 new generation trains will be faster, far more comfortable and will run alongside the existing 13 (+2) AC train-sets. The first of them is expected to join Kolkata Metro’s fleet in June 2017 after which the remaining 13 are expected to all arrive by mid-2018. Its on-board features include everything you’d expect in a modern rolling stock and include LED lighting, wider doors, ergonomically designed handrails, and conveniently located display screens which will provide station & safety information in Bengali, Hindi & English.

The train-sets will feature an emergency door located on one side of the motor-car which is similar to the rolling stock designed by CNR Dalian for Xian’s Metro system and its color scheme with a dash of purple stripes will match that of Kolkata’s existing AC trains. Enjoy:

Interestingly, CNR Dalian just two days ago unveiled the 1st of 15 trains for Lagos’ Metro system which is expected to start operations by the end of the year.

What do you think about the design?

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19 Responses to "Kolkata Metro Unveils Design of CNR Dalian Trains"

  1. Sham says:

    The electric purple dash of stripes on coaches and seats looks great! Only issue I have is the front. The emergency door could have been exactly one half the width to preserve symmetry. Rest seems okay.

  2. Sidhant says:

    Why is there such a huge delay? 1st train in mid-2017 and the rest in mid-2018? As you mentioned the Nigerian metro train operations are going to kick-off by the end of the year.

    • TMRG says:

      Hi, all production lines have a fixed capacity and can only do so much. Speeding up the trains’ deliveries would require more money to spent by the client (Kol Metro) which I don’t believe they are in a position to do.

      Btw, the schedule mentioned above is actually quite normal. For example, Alstom won Chennai Metro’s 168 coach contract in 2010. Till date, only 33 trains (122 coaches) have been delivered. That might be because not all trains are required at this stage and Alstom has to deliver trains to Kochi & Lucknow metros. But usually, the deliveries are scheduled over a period of time. Go through the Gurgaon section to see posts on its 7 new trains.


    Let us hope that it won’t pour inside the coaches when it rains!! In Mumbai, the Chinese train-sets have had to face such embarrassment during the monsoon. Furthermore, hopefully the train-sets will last long enough without much trouble in operation. Usually, the China make products do not give enough confidence and due to its cheap cost there is always a doubt about its quality. Recently, several train sets had to be shipped back to China from Singapore when defects in welding were found on the bogies. Let us keep our fingers crossed! The people of Kolkata deserve better product.

  4. Siddhant Kumar says:

    Write about that issue on pink line when you check the contractor.

  5. Mayur says:

    Bids were invited in the year 2011, and the contract awarded only in the year 2015…. Why???

    • TMRG says:

      They received only 2 bids in 2012 and both were higher than estimated, so they put it on-hold and went for a re-bid. Interestingly, BEML had partnered up with CAF instead of their traditional partner Hyundai Rotem. The other bid was from the local company ‘Titagarh Wagons’ who partnered up with Nippon Shariyo.

  6. HSPG says:

    Please note that BEML Ltd has quoted alone not partnered with CAF.

    • TMRG says:

      Hi, you’re probably referring to the EW line’s rolling stock which was awarded to BEML last year. In this line’s case, BEML had partnered up with CAF back in 2011/12.

  7. HSPG says:

    I am pretty sure that BEML ltd has not partnered with CAF for the project you are referring to in 2011-12.

  8. Diya says:

    Hi, are these carbodies made of stainless steel or GRP. what about interiors it is GRP?

  9. soumo kumar says:

    how is it possible?????????kolkata metro to get 40 new rakes ,as far i know. metro spokeperson told in an interview that “we ordered 40 new recks, 16 are from ICF,Perambur,,14 aree from china’s dalian corp,,and another additional 10 rakes have been ordered from CRRC ,china……………then from where this BEMl comes in this picture??????

  10. Aniruddha Basu says:

    Why the design of kolkata metro is so ugly ?? i mean look at Lucknow metro the best looking metro in India. it looks stunning.. Mumbai metro, Kochi, Chennai, Jaipur, Hydrabad all metro looks so great even delhi metro BEML made looks far better than kolkata metro.. I think KMRC should look after on this matter.

  11. Aniruddha Basu says:

    I’ve no idea how csr zhuzhou will look.. when it will come to KMRC.. I hope they look good at least.. And I think stainless steel body looks more great than purple or white blue painted one. that’s ridiculous..


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