Delhi Metro Begins Trial Runs Between ITO & Kashmere Gate

On August 10, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) began trial runs on the 5.17 km ITO – Kashmere Gate section of Delhi Metro’s Violet Line! This stretch is an extension of the 35.175 km Escorts Mujesar (Faridabad) – ITO line of which a 13.875 km extension deep into Faridabad became operational last year.

This underground section consists of 4 new underground stations at Delhi Gate, Jama Masjid, Lal Qila and Kashmere Gate – all of which lie in the historic Shahjahanabad district of the city which is popularly known as Old Delhi. Of these, the Kashmere Gate station will become the 1st ever interchange in Delhi (and India) to allow users to easily switch between 3 metro lines (Violet, Red & Yellow).

As per a press release by the DMRC:

During the trial runs, the interaction of the Metro train with physical infringements (civil structure) will be checked to ensure that there is no physical blockage during the movement of the train on the track. The entire signaling system will also undergo rigorous testing. In addition, the response of the train at different speeds, braking of the train and the interconnection with the Operations Control Centre (OCC) will also be monitored during the trials. The behavior of the track system and the Over Head Electrification (OHE) will be checked repeatedly during all the trials.


ITO – Kashmere Gate stretch – view Delhi Metro Phase 3 map & information


Leaving ITO station – Photo Copyright: HT

Photo Copyright: Business Standard

Photo Copyright: Business Standard


Photo Copyright: HT


Photo Copyright: HT


Photo Copyright: HT


Photo Copyright: HT


Delhi Gate station – Photo Copyright: HT


Photo Copyright: HT


DMRC’s recently hired station employees – Photo Copyright: Yogesh Meena

Here’s a nice video with a sneak peek inside the Delhi Gate station:

While the DMRC advertised the trial run to have taken place between ITO & Kashmere Gate, it hasn’t been confirmed if the train indeed ran up to the Kashmere Gate station or if both sets of parallel tracks were utilized. The DMRC recently publicly revised the deadline to open this stretch to November 2016, but another revision is expected to take place as there’s a lot of work pending at the Kashmere Gate station (see images: set 1, set 2, set 3). As mentioned in the my August 2016 tunneling update, I’m expecting this stretch to open sometime in Q1-Q2 2017.

For more updates, check out the Delhi section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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16 Responses to "Delhi Metro Begins Trial Runs Between ITO & Kashmere Gate"

  1. Peter Hook says:

    Beautiful photos.


  2. Siddhant Kumar says:

    When the partly demolished building issue is expected to be solved. Will it be solved in two months till October.

  3. harsh says:

    welcome back tmrg

  4. Rohan says:

    welcome back

  5. Aditya Benwal says:

    I hope it gets operational this year itself.

    • TMRG says:

      That would be really nice, but the Kashmere Gate station’s progress is quite slow. The contractor for CC-07 has had performance, cash & subcontractor issues for quite some time.

  6. Siddhant Kumar says:

    Whenever it will be solved you write about it.

  7. Prateek says:

    Hi, TMRG! Good to see you refreshed once again! Thanks for the update. However, I have some doubts to clear. I am really unhappy and surprised both that the DMRC has not completed the entire Phase 3 works. Had they finished these works last year, zooming in and around Delhi would have been so smooth. With Phase 4 having a deadline of 2020-21, will this couple of month’s delay will hamper the preparation of the last phase’s works?

    And secondly, another issue I want to raise is about the swell of commuters using the Delhi Metro. All the six lines, including the Airport Line have seen huge crowds over the years. I always read in the paper that DMRC will order coaches for Yellow and Blue Lines. Recently, even the Violet Line, which wasn’t even mentioned earlier, now have all trains having six coaches.

    Why is that always the Green Line neglected? That is also a part of the DMRC Line. I find no mention of this Line in newspapers or anywhere. Every mornings or evenings, it is so damn crowded that people hardly find even one feet to stand in peace. They even push and jostle to get some place to stand. I have never seen any six coach train coming during the peak hours and always one or two comes in the off-peak hours, when the train is almost empty, with lots of seats vacant. Tell me, when will the DMRC end this injustice to Green Line users like me?

    And the same thing goes for the Red Line. The last two years, ever since they inducted six coaches, things have gone worse as well. Though the long platforms have provisions for eight coaches, why the DMRC has not added eight coaches? Again, it is so crowded to enter a four coach or a six coach train especially during the late morning or late evening hours. When will Mangu Singh and his men listen to us and upgrade the coaches double the time for both Green and Red Lines? Any thoughts about it? Thanks!

  8. The Goyfather MGTOW says:

    Nice to know about the trials taking place but this final leg has been exceptionally delayed. Hope to zoom through this line till Kashmere Gate from Faridabad some time soon, probably by this year end !!

  9. vipin says:

    Its seems Delhi Metro has again revised date to December 2016 from 15th Aug 2016.
    Are we are going to see further revision of opening Date from Dec 16 to some time in second quarter of 17.

  10. vipin says:

    Its seems Delhi Metro has again revised date from 15th Aug 2016 to December 2016.
    Are we are going to see further revision of opening Date from Dec 16 to some time in second quarter of 17.

  11. praveen says:

    kab chalegi bhai


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