BMRCL Invites Bids for Bangalore’s Hessaraghatta Cross – BIEC Section

After a gap of 16 months, the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation has finally initiated the bidding process for the construction of one more section of the Phase 2 project by inviting bids for the Green Line’s northern extension from the existing Hessaraghatta Cross station (erst. Nagasandra) to the proposed BIEC station. This 3.031 km extension in north Bangalore, officially referred to as Reach 3C, will be entirely elevated and is perhaps the least exciting section of the project as commuters look forward to the 2 new inner-city metro lines as well as the Purple Line’s 15.50 Whitefield extension.

Notice Inviting Tenders
Construction of elevated structures (viaduct & stations) of length 3.031km (approx.) from Hessaraghatta cross station (excl.) to BIEC station (incl.) (Chainage 6637m to 9668m) including road widening works & allied works and 3 Numbers of elevated Metro Stations viz, Manjunathanagar, Jindal and BIEC in the Extension of North side of N-S Corridor of Bangalore Metro Rail Project, Phase-2 – link to notice

Besides constructing the viaduct in 27 months, the contractor will also be responsible for constructing 3 new stations at Manjunathanagar, Jindal and BIEC (Bangalore International Exhibition Center).


Alignment of Hessaraghatta Cross – BIEC Extension – view Bangalore Metro Phase 2 map & info

The notice gives a general view of Phase 2’s funding sources and notes that negotiations are underway for loan agreements with JICA, WB, ADB & EIB lending organizations/banks. The notification for land acquisition along this stretch has been issued and the BMRCL is awaiting the NHAI’s permission to use the existing service road for carrying out construction which has been estimated to cost Rs. 247.4 crores. The last date for submitting tender documents for bidding is 3 pm on November 10 after which the bids will be opened & evaluated for eligibility at 3:30 pm.

Looking at the BMRCL’s bidding track record in the Phase 2 project, I expect this section’s contract to be awarded in Q2 2017 with construction work beginning shortly after in Q3 2017 subject to approvals. Timing wise, I expect this section to open no sooner than 2021. Once this and the Anjanapura extensions (U/C by NCC Ltd.) are built, the north-south Green Line will become roughly 33.52 km long.

For more updates, check out the Bangalore section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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14 Responses to "BMRCL Invites Bids for Bangalore’s Hessaraghatta Cross – BIEC Section"

  1. shubangi says:

    This has to be the least important of all Bangalore Metro’s extensions!!!

    • Shripad says:

      Unfortunately BMRCL made this most unimportant. Huge industrial setup coming up on Tumkur road. If BMRC extends or plans to extend this line till atleast Nelamangala toll gate, it will be good planning keeping future growth in mind. Otherwise another Hosur road/EC Road or whitefield traffic in making.
      Marathahalli was more calmer than this stretch just 10-12 years back.

      I donot know why our town planner can just take up a piece meal approach and do a small stretch of 3km, instead they can do 6-8 km in this phase. By the time they finish 8km stretch, it would have been 2023 or 24, that road would have been mushroomed with apartments.

    • Jagadeesh says:

      I live in that area and I know how much crowded BMTC Buses are. It would be most important from common man perspective. I feel this line should get extended till Nelamangala.

  2. KRISHNAN says:

    Sorry , I disagree , metro connectivity to BIEC can make it famous like Delhi Pragati Maidan .This can help to generate more jobs and increase business travellers

    • shubangi says:

      business travelers don’t use the metro to go to the pragati maidan roadshows in Delhi. They arrive by cabs, air conditioned and avoid the masses that take the subway. I can vouch for this having been to Pragati Maidan myself. Far more increase in ridership will accrue from connecting Majestic. After Nagasandra, the urban sprawl isn’t much to be of benefit to regular daily commuters.

      • Muthu says:

        In a way having metro connectivity to such places can also move industries and companies to setup office in north Bangalore instead of cluttering the ITPL, Bellandur and EC areas.

        • Pavan says:

          I agree with this, this will solve some infra issues and while planning itself our so called politicians should have spread out the industries all over Bangalore, and guess this is the first case where metro will generate crowd/business instead of metro going when the area is overly overcrowded and land aquistion/tree cutting takes ever (eg. Jayanagar, ORR, Whitefield)

      • Vijay says:

        Sorry, Please check after every exhibition, you will have hundreds of mid level executives ( who form the chunk) struggling for a way out. The number of taxis parked & peak OLA & Uber charges are proof enough. Please stop thinking of the masses as being any different from those visitIng / working at the exhibitions, except CEO levels or foreign visitors.

        • Shripad says:

          I agree with Vijay. SOmetime, I see many exhibition visitors (wearing exhibition tag) boarding metro from Sampige road. They seem to stay at some hotel around that place and traveling till Nagasandra to catch auto or OLA to reach BIEC

  3. Oswald says:

    Ideally BMRC should extend the BIEC line till Nelamangala, which is about another 10kms.

    Nelamangala is the gateway to Bangalore from north western India and Coastal Karnataka. This can be transformed in a good transit hub. Also this has a lot of industries which will benefit from this extension.

    Planning right now will reduce the land acquisition costs which are bound to rise in the coming days.

  4. Mahesh says:

    Any Idea when would be they BG Road or electronic city Connections ?

  5. Shashidhar says:

    why is BMRC slow on Under Ground Section on New Gottigere – Nagavara Line , Ideally UG phase should have been first one to be tendered and work should have started on UG section first , But as usual due to bad planning of BMRC it will be last one to start and will delay Phase 2 completion as well .

    Looks like UG Tunnelling will only start in 2018/2019 , It would take 10 years at BMRCL speed to complete to 14 Kms of Tunneling and another 2 years to complete work and open .

    If Airport Line is linked to Gottigere – Nagavara Line. Bangalore can have Airport Line only in 2030
    while Delhi already has it and Chennai will have soon .

    BMRC planning is so bad even completed National College to Puttenalli section could not start and small link of 1 km from Malleshwaram to Majestic takes more than 1 year to open . Vow 1 year to complete track and electrification Work for 1 KM .


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