CRRC Gets Ready to Roll Out Navi Mumbai Metro’s Model Coach

Here’s the first look at what the upcoming Navi Mumbai Metro’s trains for its 11.1 km Line-1 are going to look like!

Courtesy a source in Navi Mumbai’s CIDCO, China’s CRRC Corporation is preparing to roll out and ship this half-sized model of the rolling stock’s coach to Navi Mumbai where it’ll be displayed for the public to see. The 300 million yuan (approx. Rs 295 crores) contract to CSR Zhuzhou, CRRC’s subsidiary, was awarded in July 2014 for an undisclosed number of 3-car trains which I estimate to be 10.

As per CRRC’s press release from 2014:

Metro vehicles of this project adopt the program of 3 carriages, including 2 powered carriage and 1 unpowered carriage with 25 KV pantograph-OCS system supplying power. The max passenger capacity of the whole metro can reach 1,128 and the max operation speed 80 km/h.

The max width of vehicles for the project is 3.16 m, 3 m wider than domestic A metro vehicles. And the vehicle body adopts stainless steel of V-shape section with high anti-corrosion which is high enough to meet the rigid anticorrosion requirements in Navi Mumbai. To adapt to Indian large passenger flow volume, technicians designed bogies and passenger lifting equipment specially, such as bogies with bearing capacity of 17 t, vehicle doors of containing doors with greater closing force and wider opening area, and 4 sets of vehicle doors on each side of vehicles.

Images often get reposted elsewhere on social media and lose their meaning, so I’ve added some necessary text.


Navi Mumbai Metro’s Model Coach

What do you think of its design?

Note the Navi Mumbai Metro logo on its body:


Similar mock-up or model coaches have in the past been displayed in Bangalore in 2010 (view image & info) and in Hyderabad in 2014 (view image & info).

Initially expected to go live in 2014, the 11.1 km line’s implementation has been painfully slow as key approvals for constructing a steel truss bridge over the Central Railways’ line and shifting a high tension line in Kharghar for expediting viaduct work are still pending. Besides that, the station contractor (San José – Mahavir – Supreme JV) has been extremely slow in completing civil works despite being fined by CIDCO. The only notable progress over the past couple months has been at the Taloja Depot where track-work has commenced. Here are some images I recently tweeted out:

For more updates, check out the Navi Mumbai section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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10 Responses to "CRRC Gets Ready to Roll Out Navi Mumbai Metro’s Model Coach"

  1. Prathimesh says:

    That’s a gorgeous design. Looks mean and not boring like BEML coaches in Bangalore/Delhi/Jaipur

  2. Pramod says:

    U shaped front looks straight out of Dubai and Kochi metros which means it won’t have an emergency front door. I’m guessing the side doors go inside the body like in Mumbai’s versova-ghatkopar line?

  3. Bhupen Parikh says:

    Very nice. What about about Ahmedabad Metro train? Who got contract?

    • TMRG says:

      Financial bids have been opened, but MEGA hasn’t revealed the winner. I’ll share details whenever they are made available.

  4. Wajid says:

    @TMRG thanku for updates

  5. RAKESH SHARMA says:

    When will phase 3(MEGENTA LINE) become fully operational in Delhi.

  6. Ayush Thakur says:

    Is that the final design? Looks bad, can actually be compared to lmrc’s shitty design…

  7. james dantis says:

    The navi mumbai metro coach has arrived in Taloja depot.


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