Excavation Begins for Last Level of Delhi Metro’s Gurdwara Shaft

Excavation for the last level (#6) of the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation’s best kept secret has started at the Gurdwara Shaft in north Delhi’s Rameshwar Nagar. This emergency shaft was created so that the cutterhead and shields of 4 Tunnel Boring Machines (2 original & 2 rescue) could be lifted out to mark an end to tunneling works for package CC-04 (Mukundpur – Shalimar Bagh) of the 58.596 km Pink Line which is located at the mouth of the Mukundpur Depot.

The CEC-CICI JV commissioned both rescue TBMs S495 & S496 in April 2016 and started excavation works for the mid/emergency shaft in June 2016. If this shaft/development is new to you, then I’d suggest clicking on the links above to catch-up on what went wrong during tunneling and why this shaft is important for commercial operations to begin.


CC-04 between Shalimar Bagh & Majlis Park – view Delhi Metro Phase 3 map & information

Via a source in the DMRC that would like to remain anonymous, here’s the shaft’s design and images from the commencement of excavation for Level #6. I’ve added level numbers and the depth of the base slab.


Gurdwara Shaft’s design


Puja before excavation


Excavation in progress


Muck car (right) used for retrieving muck/soil


TBM S781’s cutterhead is now visible!

All 4 TBMs’ gantry systems have been removed from their rear-end and taken out from either the Azadpur TBM shaft or the Majlis Park Ramp. Here’s the sequence of how the TBMs’ cutterheads & shields will be removed from the Gurdwara Shaft:

  1. TBM#2 (S781)
  2. TBM#4 (S495)
  3. TBM#3 (S496)
  4. TBM#1 (S780)

As and when they’re removed, I’ll either post here or share updates via my Twitter handle.

For more updates, check out Delhi section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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8 Responses to "Excavation Begins for Last Level of Delhi Metro’s Gurdwara Shaft"

  1. Dhanraj says:

    Can you post a high-res image of the design?

  2. Vaasudev says:

    Hi TMRG,

    Even as I appreciate all the good work that you been doing, I would rather be skeptical about publishing the technical detailed drawing (some people want it in higher resolution). By virtue of your goodwill and networking skills, you may have access to some confidential and critical data (which is basically a leak , if not publically published by rightful owners/masters) . But I feel, that should make anybody with it more responsible in their conduct.

    Whatever you post and publish here, stays here, unless you yourself or anybody finding it compromising acts to take it down. A schematic representation /sketch, etc to elaborate or illustrate the topic is fine, but actual execution drawings…???

    Such info may be misused by any vulnerable
    elements or miscreants. Also the copyrights if any are violated may invite uncalled legal discourse.

    Though your intent may be good, I advise you to wisely refrain from such disclosures.


  3. Wajid says:

    @tmrg bmrc newsletter ??

  4. Abc says:

    Pls. Update delhi metro 3rd phase monthly update specially in detail about magenta line bro.

  5. Rajesh Gupta says:

    Parts of one of the TBM removing started yesterday 28/11/2016 at gurudwara shaft, rameshwar nagar


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