Work Starts at Noapara for Kolkata Metro’s Extension to Dakshineswar

With 65 encroachers rehabilitated, work on a portion of Kolkata Metro’s 4.11 km western extension to Dakshineswar has finally started in Noapara more than 5 years after the project was approved by Mamata Banerjee, India’s then Railway Minister. The encroached land in the Baranagar Municipality belongs to the Railways and the state government approved rehabilitation funds to facilitate construction work in 2015. After the encroachers relocated to their new accomodations in September, the land was handed over to the contractor who started demolition and piling works right away.

Note that construction work from the Dakshineswar end has been underway since 2013 – view satellite imagery.

Alignment of Kolkata Metro's extension to Dakshineswar - view Kolkata Metro map & info

Alignment of Kolkata Metro’s extension to Dakshineswar – view Kolkata Metro map & info

The CPRO of Kolkata’s Metro had this to say:

Of the 148 encroachers under Baranagar Municipality, 65 have already been relocated to accommodation provided by the state. The process to relocate the others has already started. There was delay due to some problems over water supply to the rooms constructed for this purpose. The matter is being sorted out now. This means a lot for us as work can now progress unhindered. Baranagar Municipality has spent nearly Rs 96.76 lakh on construction of 150 rooms for those who are being relocated from the land along which the Metro network will progress. An additional Rs 34.17 lakh has been spent on 15 community toilets.

Some images from TMRG reader Adri Roy Chowdhury:


Demolished slums


Barricaded land


Pier work underway


Shuttering work for a pier


Further west, a view of a couple new piers

For more updates, check out the Kolkata section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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10 Responses to "Work Starts at Noapara for Kolkata Metro’s Extension to Dakshineswar"

  1. Rohit Das says:

    It is not that the work on the entire stretch was held up for so long. Work is going on in the Dakhineswar side for almost the last two years.

  2. Prithviraj Sinha says:

    What is the expected time for completing this project and the noapara to airport metro..

    • TMRG says:

      They’re aiming for mid-2018 for both lines. With all the issues on airport-noapara line, it’ll take a lot more time than that.

  3. Rajarsi Saha says:

    Can you please give me the coordinates of the location of these images?
    Need to visit the place

    • A. Paul says:

      Take the route to Belgharia from SInthir More, Dum Dum. You will be able to see the all construction works.

  4. S KUNDU says:

    The Telegraph issued on 27th December had some pictures of Phoolbagan metro station

  5. Rajarsi Saha says:

    No I’m talking of exactly those pictures
    Please give me the location of those places in the pictures above


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