[Pics] Lucknow Metro’s Charbagh Station – March 2017

Here’s a picture-post with some new images of Lucknow Metro’s Charbagh Station – the temporary northern terminal of the 22.878 km Line-1 until the underground section north of it gets ready. The LMRCL extended trial runs to this station of the 8.5 km priority section in mid February and on March 9, the RDSO completed conducting oscillation and load testing ahead of its planned end date of March 21.

As per the interior finishing sub-contractor working at Charbagh Station, the station’s façade features Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) cladding, double glazed unit (DGU) glass and high pressure laminate (HPL) panels for the jaali work .


Priority Section: Transport Nagar – Charbagh (8.48 km) – view Lucknow Metro info & map


Rendering of the station (view large size) – Source: Jitendra Kushwaha


Photo Copyright: Jitendra Kushwaha

Photo Copyright: Jitendra Kushwaha

Photo Copyright: Jitendra Kushwaha

Photo Copyright: Jitendra Kushwaha

Photo Copyright: Bipin Singh

Painted underbelly with a view of Lucknow Junction – Photo Copyright: Naga Manoj

Personally it looks a little tacky in front of the historic Charbagh Railway Station, but maybe it’ll grow on me over time. Do you like what you see?

For more updates, check out the Lucknow section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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One Response to "[Pics] Lucknow Metro’s Charbagh Station – March 2017"

  1. Rajendra Kaul says:

    Elevated metro has destroyed whatever aesthetic value of Chabag area was left. It’s a total disaster. The station should have been part of the underground section. I hope once construction is complete and construction material is removed, things will look better but over all metro station in charbag looks very very bad.


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