CMRS Inspects Underground Section of Bangalore Metro’s Green Line

The Commissioner of Metro Rail Safety, KA Manoharan and his team of 3 other officials today kicked-off the 2nd second day of final safety inspections by visiting the Green Line’s 4 km Sampige Road – National College underground (UG-1) section’s tunnels and Kempegowda (Majestic) Station.

May 31 update: The team didn’t have time to visit Chickpet & KR Market stations. They’ll now visit them on Wednesday.

The team started their 3-day final inspection of the line yesterday on the 8 km National College – Yelachenahalli elevated Reach-4 & Reach-4A sections. Tomorrow, they will visit the line’s Peenya Depot in north Bangalore, and also take an end to end ride from Hessaraghatta Cross (Nagasandra) to Yelachenahalli due to which the line will be closed down for commercial services at 2 pm for the rest of the day.

A highly detailed hourly inspection programme for all 3 days can be viewed here.

Pending section of the Green Line – view Bangalore Metro map & information

Schedule for today – for station codes see this list


Model of Majestic Station

Photo Copyright: BMRCL

CMRS’ team & BMRCL officials spotted on the North Ramp close to Sampige Road – Photo Copyright: Ashish Krupakar

Cross-passage – Photo Copyright: BMRCL

Photo Copyright: BMRCL

Photo Copyright: BMRCL

As mentioned yesterday, the CMRS’ team will include today’s observations in their final report which is expected to be submitted to the BMRCL by the end of this week. That report will include train operation suggestions, any necessary infrastructure corrections & completions required prior to starting commercial operations, and whether an approval or conditional-approval has been granted or not.

For more updates, check out the Bangalore section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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15 Responses to "CMRS Inspects Underground Section of Bangalore Metro’s Green Line"

  1. Karthik N says:

    Hello TMRG. After the completion of inspection by authorities, how many days are required to give permission to run the metro assuming no red flags raised by inspectors?

    • Shouqatali says:

      DMRC just took 3 days for the recent one. (Last week only).

      • Parthasarathy S says:

        Well, this isn’t DMRC. I expect anywhere between 3 weeks to a Month to get all the politicians lined up (President is supposed to be present as well)! 3 days is impossible here.

        @ All – what do you think?

    • TMRG says:

      Hi, CMRS’ report with approval & conditions are usually submitted within 1-7 days of inspections. I haven’t seen anything more than that.

      BMRCL has in the past lied to the media about waiting for the CMRS’s report for starting ops. That prompted the CMRS to issue a clarification to the media. I hope that won’t be used as an excuse again to finish off Chickpet’s work.

  2. Raghu says:

    Good to know the progress in bmrcl

  3. Mukesh says:

    Really sad to see that Honourable Chief Minister has put up the hoardings all around Bangalore taking full credit of full phase 1 opening of Metro Line by 1st April 2017. All the hoardings are now being removed and I am sure new ones will come up with changed dates.

    Total misuse of Public money in this case. In a country faced with large scale unemployment, drought, poverty, illiteracy etc., these politicians are simply wasting money on their advertisement. I mean what was the need of putting his smiling portrait on the hoardings, he is definitely not going to ride on a Metro train. He has a big cavalcade of cars and traffic will be stopped upon his arrival.

    Sad, sheer wastage of country’s money.

    • lina says:

      initially there were many hoardings with “march” too. Few weeks back there was a full page ad stating that the metro phase 1 works were complete.

      I wonder if the authorities will have even the slightest decency to apologise for the enormous delays instead of boasting about it

  4. Jaya K says:

    Election for Karnataka assembly is due in next one year, get the maximum publicity at the expense of tax payers. Check the percentage of Kannadigas in metro employment it is hardly 25 to 30%, rest is for Malaysian, Tamilians and Telugu speaking guys. God save Kannadigas from this exploitation by Mistake Minister in charge of Bangalore

    • Ravi Kumar says:

      Election publicity in this way – Vama Margs is very very Small in front Modi Wave which is a Tsunami

      • Ravi Kumar says:

        Election publicity in this way – Vama Margs is very very Small in front of Modi Wave , which is a Tsunami

        • Ravi Kumar says:

          Election publicity in this way – Vama Marga is very very Small in front of Modi Wave , which is a Tsunami

  5. Amith says:

    Will this line ever open?

    Bangalore, unlike other Indian cities does have a suburban rail system.


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