ITD Cem Completes Building Delhi Metro’s NH-24 Stretch

Last week, workers from the ITD-ITD Cem JV placed the last precast segment over National Highway 24 to complete building the 58.6 km Pink Line’s viaduct between the IP Extension and Vinod Nagar stations under package CC-26R of the 160 km Phase 3 project.

Construction on this section started in March 2013 after obtaining permission from the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), but following the launch of the 14 lane 96 km Delhi-Meerut Expressway project, the NHAI in January 2015 demanded the demolition of 5 metro piers (for both the main-line and the depot-line which cross the highway) in order to accommodate 6 express lanes and 8 local lanes on 4 carriageways for vehicles. In June 2015, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation agreed to demolish the piers and restarted building new piers in March 2016.

While concrete segments have been used to build the main-line, they’ve used I-girders to build the depot-line (shown in orange below) to connect the IP Extension Station with the Vinod Nagar Depot –

NH-24 section of Delhi Metro’s Pink Line – view Delhi Metro Phase 3 map & information

Launching complete on the Pink Line’s main-line over NH-24 – Photo Copyright: Mohit Revalia

A larger sized image can be viewed here.

Segment launching work at the nearby Hasanpur village (read its story here) is also nearing completion after work there was similarly held up for years, so stay tuned for a similar post when it’s finally done and dusted.

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6 Responses to "ITD Cem Completes Building Delhi Metro’s NH-24 Stretch"

  1. Varun Saini says:

    Pls correct Depot line is built on precast rcc I girder and last span on cast in situ box girder.

  2. SANDEEP says:

    Why so long detour from IP extension to Vinod Nagar?

    • TMRG says:

      The more direct route would have cut through Vinod Nagar, a built-up neighborhood – see satellite view. Land acquisition wouldn’t have been easy.

      • SANDEEP says:

        OK. But I find pink line to have so many stations. Purpose of this line was to reduce rush at Rajiv chowk. But if crowd is coming from Vaishali then no saving of time by switching at Anand Vihar to reach INA.

        • Manu Nair says:

          Sandeep, the purpose of reducing Rajiv Chowk rush will be met by the Pink line. True, that this line has several stations, but the idea is to provide connectivity and alternative routes to the public at large. Its almost circling entire Delhi and is going to provide interchanges at several locations with the existing lines therefore doing away the need to get to Rajiv Chowk.
          In your case, even when the pink line will be operational, you will still be benefited more by the current arrangement (both distance-wise and time-wise) wherein u interchange at Rajiv Chowk to get to INA.


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