[Pics] Kochi Metro’s Ernakulam Cantilever Bridge – July 2017

Here’s a picture-post with some new images of Kochi Metro’s 220m long cantilever bridge taking shape over the Indian Railways’ lines in Ernakulam.  The bridge forms a crucial piece of Line-1’s southern section from Maharaja’s College Station, to which trial runs have just commenced from Pallarivattom, towards the upcoming Vytilla Mobility Hub – an integrated transit terminal for metro, buses and ferries.

Under construction by S. P. Singla Constructions on a subcontract from Larsen & Toubro for package KC-5A, the bridge has been designed with a 90m long central span and two 65m long end-spans on either side. Piling work for its construction began in February 2016 and currently pier caps (box heads) are being cast on top of its 2 central piers on either side of the railway lines.

Location of Kochi’s cantilever bridge – view Kochi Metro map & information

Some images –

Photo Copyright: KMRL

Photo Copyright: KMRL

Photo Copyright: KMRL

Photo Copyright: KMRL

Similar bridges exist in Delhi, Chennai and Hyderabad.  The contractor for Kochi’s bridge, S. P. Singla Constructions, in fact recently completed one for Lucknow Metro – see images here.

For more updates, check out the Kochi section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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6 Responses to "[Pics] Kochi Metro’s Ernakulam Cantilever Bridge – July 2017"

  1. Mehul says:

    Is it just me or is construction work here slow compared to Lucknow’s bridge?

    • TMRG says:

      Definitely slower. SP Singla completed the one in Lucknow in roughly 17 months. In the same timeframe, only the piers have been cast here.

      2 possible reasons –
      1) Tight deadline of Lucknow Metro required SP Singla to concentrate on that project
      2) Slow on purpose since the line on either end (Maharaja’s College to this bridge AND this bridge to Vytilla) is running far behind schedule. Soma Infra’s contract (Kaloor – Ernakulam South) in fact got terminated and DMRC is in the middle of assigning a new contractor.

    • AAA says:

      its a communist shithole so ofcourse you can’t expect the same level of efficiency as BJP ruled states

      • Aaaw says:

        efficiency??? bjp ruled stated can only dream about Kerala achievements
        1. High percentage of literacy (there is no comparison with other states when it comes to this ) Malayala Manorama is the biggest vernacular newspaper in India

        2.The well off minorities in the state (a stark contrast with other states , Gujarat wont even come close ) Christians and Muslims are financially very sound , educationally progressed ,thanks to the diaspora Muslims in the middle east and Christians concentrated in the Europe and USA.

        3. High quality educational institutes run by christian missionaries,most of these institutes were previously managed by the British and when they left India church took over most of these institutes and run with same standards.

        4. Emergence of left parties in to ruling political parties made common man in to politicians ,one of the main thing i noticed , in compariosn with other states of India , is the accessibility to an MLA MP or Even a Minister is not a big deal in Kerala, in most of the weddings and funerals Minsters and MLA’s are a common sight.

        5. Prominence of High Quality literature and art scene 5 jnanpith awards almost 50 KSAA ,best of countries film makers , Actors and Actresses Internationale renowned painters like Ravi Verma ,Nobel Prize nominee Sachidandan film maker Adoor Goplakrishnan to name the few.

        6.Communal harmony : Masjids Temples and churches can be seen in the same vicinity ,people from all religion inter mix and share almost same kind of food (here Hindus Muslims and Christians have almost same kind of culinary habits)

        7. Lack of far right ideology : this is the only state where BJP cant even win a MLA seat, and i think the harmony which exits in the state today is mainly due to the presence of a left politicians and absence of right wing politicians.

        8. No communal violence and riot victims (there were some skirmishes but nothing in the scale of 2002 Gujrath )

        9. High quality healthcare facilities : amount of foreigners coming to get treatments is increasing year by year , most of the private sector hospitals do provide top notch services with an affordable price compared to north Indian hospitals.

        10. World renowned tourism destination: National geography Lonely Planet Discovery channel all listed Kerala in the Top 10 places to be visited and rated top of the list family friendly destinations.

        11. Women outnumbering Men :Perhaps the only Indian state

        12.Highest human development index in par with developed world : again only state in India

        13. Recent survey showed that around 83% people owns land and a house.

        13.Highest life expectancy lowest infant mortality, lowest school drop out

        Bjp ruled states still dreaming about toilets!!!!

        • TFM says:

          All that is fine and known. What is equally known is the culture of work place strikes, hartals / bandhs at the drop of a hat and various impediments to smooth progress of work. This is a huge dampener and counter weight to the other gains that the state has made, resulting in Kerala being a huge consumer state with little production, anomolies such as Keralites willing to work for a pittance in sub-human conditions of the boiling Gulf but not in their own state, growing culture of liquor consumption etc. Just as there is a silver lining to every cloud, there is also a dark cloud in every sky.


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