CRRC-Panasonic Wins Kolkata Metro’s Platform Screen Door Contract

A consortium of Zhuzhou CRRC Times Electric Co. Ltd and Panasonic Manufacturing (Beijing) Co. Ltd. has been awarded a contract to design, install, test and commission platform screen doors (PSDs) at all 12 stations of Kolkata Metro’s 16.34 km Line-2 between Howrah Maidan and Salt Lake Sector V.

The Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation (KMRC) invited bids for this equipment in February 2016 with an estimated value of Rs 180 crore, and at this time, the final contract value is unknown. Full height PSDs will be installed at underground stations located at Howrah Maidan, Howrah, Mahakaran (Lal Dighi), Esplanade, Sealdeah and Phoolbagan stations, while half-height PSDs will be installed at the elevated stations located at Salt Lake Stadium, Bengal Chemical, City Centre, Central Park, Karunamoyee and Sector V – see a map here.

CRRC-Panasonic’s reps receiving the LOA for Kolkata’s PSDs – Photo Copyright: KMRCL

Platform Screen Doors at Delhi’s Airport Express Line – Photo Copyright: newken

The CRRC-Panasonic JV has been given a 150 weeks (roughly 3 years) to commission the PSDs which besides preventing suicides and accidents due to passenger movement, will greatly help KMRC to reduce maintenance costs in the underground stations by improving the quality of the environment, resulting in lower air-conditioning and ventilation costs.

With this development, Kolkata will become the third city after Chennai and Delhi to commission PSDs in the country. Full-height PSDs are operational at all 6 stations of Delhi’s 22.7 km Airport Express Line and half-height PSDs are currently being installed at 6 key stations on the Yellow Line (see images) by a JV of NRT-Stone India. In addition, all stations on the upcoming 58.596 km Pink and 38.235 km Magenta lines will also feature half height PSDs. The 3 contracts to install them, valued at Rs 131.32 crores, Rs 98.71 crores and Rs 312.11 crores, were given to a Japanese-Indian consortium of KTK – AIKON in May 2015.

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11 Responses to "CRRC-Panasonic Wins Kolkata Metro’s Platform Screen Door Contract"


    They will have to commission in phases first six elevated stations &one underground and the rest as &when the stations are ready!

    • TMRG says:

      Yup. Mahakaran Station’s work just started, so the entire project is easily another 4-5 years from being commissioned. Would be nice if the elevated section can open up before 2020 as only the Duttabad section is U/C on the civil side of things. Rolling stock’s deliveries are going to start soon.

      • RUPRAJ SENGUPTA says:

        Another important work left till today their connection to the feeder substation for traction &auxiliary power supply not they will be unable to test the rolling stock soon

  2. Vipin says:

    Not a single Half-height PSDs at yellow line is working all covered in dust.

    • TMRG says:

      Contractor found it difficult to commission them on a brown-field line, gave up and got back after negotiations. New target is March 2018.

  3. SANDEEP says:

    In the magenta line, as per TMRG, PSD is now stalling the launch of botanical garden to kalkaji section due to not able to do proper syncronization between train stop and PSD opening/closing. Then why install PSD? Is DMRC issue is specific to DMRC itself or this technology is not mature enough.

    • TMRG says:

      PSDs can be found around the world – the tech is tried and tested.

      I’m not privy to the exact cause of failure, but know that they have different contractors for signalling (Magenta – Nippon Signal; Pink – Bombardier) and PSD (KTK – AIKON), and their individual equipment needs quite some fine tuning to make them sync and work together. MMRCL did a good job by inviting bids for both in a single package for Mumbai’s Line-3. That ways at least the bidders (probably JVs) would get together based on prior experience or knowledge that their systems are compatible.


    *connection NOT COMPLETE

  5. Van wilder says:

    Hi TMRG

    You have written after dellhi and Chennai. Isn’t mumbai line 3 also has PSD provisioned and planned??


  6. Dinesh Chaurasiya says:

    If Anybody have contact no. of Zhuzhou CRRC Times Electric and Panasonic , plzz provide me


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