S1073 – 1st TBM for Mumbai Metro Line-3 Arrives at Mumbai Port

Parts of TBM S1073, a more than 100m long Herrenknecht earth pressure balance (EPB) tunnel boring machine, made a touch-down at Mumbai Port on September 4 after getting shipped from Herrenknecht’s plant in Guangzhou, China.

The 700 tonne TBM successfully passed factory acceptance testing (FAT) in June 2017 and will be deployed by CEC-ITD Cem-TPL JV along with two others (S-1074, S-1075) to construct twin tunnels on Line-3’s 6.081 km package UGC-04, between Dharavi – Worli, through TBM launch shafts located at Naya Nagar in Mahim and Siddhivinayak.

Cutterhead getting lowered at Mumbai Port – Photo Copyright: Asian Lite

Shot prior to getting disassembled and shipped in China- Photo Copyright: MMRCL

Over the next 45 days, the TBM’s parts will be transported overnight, lowered one by one into the Naya Nagar Shaft in Mahim (25m deep) and re-assembled for the start of tunneling works scheduled in the end of October.

Nayanagar Shaft – Photo Copyright: Bloomberg

More information and images of this TBM, shot during FAT in China, can be viewed here.

As of today 9 out of 17 TBMs have completed FAT – see a running list at the bottom of this post.

For more updates, check out the Mumbai section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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3 Responses to "S1073 – 1st TBM for Mumbai Metro Line-3 Arrives at Mumbai Port"


    Nayanagar SHAFT is it located next to a slum,but i can see it has picked up speed would have been impossible in kolkata

  2. Ashok says:

    Okay, if you are going to give updates on FAT, dispatch, arrival on port, for each of the 17 TBMs then I am gonna stop following this blog 🙂 !!

    Just kidding !

    • TMRG says:

      I plan to cover FAT for each TBM. And if it’s a slow news day, then I’ll write about TBM arrivals as well. Sit tight! 🙂


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