J Kumar–CRTG JV Launches 1st T-Girder for Mumbai Metro’s Line-2

On the night of November 2, workers from the J Kumar – CRTG JV launched their 1st T-shaped girder for constructing the concourse level of the 18.6 km Mumbai Metro Line-2’s Kasturi Park Station. The 9 meter long precast girder weighs approximately 84 tonnes and was cast at the contractor’s nearby Malvani yard. A total of 22 girders will be launched for the concourse level of each station, balanced by a central spine of piers on the road’s median.

Such a balanced cantilever system design, comprising of a central spine and wings on either end, has previously been adopted for Navi Mumbai and Hyderabad Metro‘s stations. Although expensive compared to the traditional cast-in-situ style of construction, it provides several advantages to the urban streetscape both during and after construction. During construction, everything except the station entrances (and associated infrastructure) will be cast off-site allowing for minimal disruption to road users during the day. Once ready, the slick station box will allow for adequate ventilation and natural lighting for pedestrians and vehicles on the ground level, thus avoiding a tunnel-effect, and will minimize obstruction to surrounding properties, footpaths and side-roads.

Kasturi Park Station on Line-2 – view Mumbai Metro Map & Information

Images –

Photo Copyright: Frustrated Baba

Photo Copyright: Frustrated Baba

The morning after – Photo Copyright: Krishnarao Muppneti

The following night, workers launched another T-Girder on the opposite side –

Photo Copyright: Krishnarao Muppneti

Temporarily supported by a trestle structure – Photo Copyright: Vishal

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6 Responses to "J Kumar–CRTG JV Launches 1st T-Girder for Mumbai Metro’s Line-2"

  1. Yash Mhadgut says:

    Great news!! Line 7 is busy only in completing section pillars and u girders whereas Line 2 is focused on stations works.

    1. Ideally station works should start earlier than section works as station works consume lot of time. What’s your say?

    2. Why are cylindrical pillars used in between stations and cuboidal pillars at stations? Any specific reason. Can cuboidal pillars be used other than station areas?

    • Vikas Apte says:

      Cuboidal piers have to take more loads at stations than viaduct where cylindrical piers have been used.

    • Vivek says:

      Indeed. Stations shall start first. However stations are more complex and takes more time to resolve design and construction complexities whereas it is easier to go for tried and tasted elements of Viaduct section.

    • shda says:

      According to article stations are been casted off site which means station works has been started way before . And assembly should not take much time

  2. Vishal says:

    Thanks for using a photo clicked by me.

  3. Franky Fereira says:


    Everytime I pass under those cantilever girders that are thied up to the central pier(pillar) on Metro 2 on Link Road Mumbai, I wonder if they can withstand the bending moment (BM) Pls explain with weight and distance calculations and the method use.


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