YFC Lowest Bidder for Delhi Metro Airport Line’s Extn to Dwarka ECC

YFC Projects Private Limited has emerged as the lowest bidder for constructing a 1.878 km underground extension of the Delhi Metro’s 22.9 km Airport Express Line from Dwarka’s Sector 21 Station to the upcoming Exhibition-cum-Convention Centre (ECC) in Dwarka’s Sector 25, after officials from the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation last week opened financial bids submitted by different infrastructure firms.

DMRC invited bids for this extension’s civil construction, under package CC-127, in July 2017 with an estimated cost of Rs 310 crores, and YFC put in the lowest bid at Rs. 302 crores apparently in a consortium with an unknown firm called ‘MBZ’.

Here are the financial bid values submitted by all technically qualified bidders –

Firm Bid
YFC Rs. 302 cr
L&T Rs. 349 cr
Afcons Rs. 520 cr
ITD Cem Rs. 749 cr

Besides twin box tunnels, the contractor will be responsible for constructing one station called ‘ECC Centre’.  The line’s alignment hasn’t been revealed by the DMRC but will most likely look like this with a provision to be extended to Gurgaon in the future:

Rough alignment of the Airport Express Line’s Dwarka Sector-25 extension

If no issues arise, then in the coming days the DMRC will go on to award YFC Projects with their third contract in the 162.495 km Phase 3 project. Prior to this, YFC partnered up with Chongqing International Construction Corporation (CICO) to build Vinod Nagar’s double-decker stabling yard (including ramps) and a 6.82 km extension of the Blue Line to Noida’s Electronic City which is expected to become operational in mid-2018.

Once awarded, DMRC would like work to be completed within 30 months (2 years 6 months).

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16 Responses to "YFC Lowest Bidder for Delhi Metro Airport Line’s Extn to Dwarka ECC"

  1. Mukesh says:

    Why is price quoted by two of best companies Afcons & ITD Cementation too high.

    • TMRG says:

      Firms sometimes high-ball bids with the hope that they’re the only bidder, thus making a large profit if they go on to be awarded with the contract. I’m not saying that’s the case here, but I see no reason why else they’d even submit a high bid when the client’s estimate is so slow.

      • Divyanshu Sharma says:

        The soil strata in the reports provided by DMRC, and those in actual are different, and hence the high quotation of price by Afcons & ITD Ce..

        • TMRG says:

          That’s interesting. Thanks for sharing that aspect.

        • Rajreddy says:

          how evere if DMRC claims soil strata and in actually if will be rock then the variation amount can be claimed. DMRC will have to bear additional cost more than the highest bidder.

      • Rohan says:

        Shouldn’t there be a maximum limit on the bid, like the govt won’t pay more than xx crores for the project. Seems like a perfect loophole for corruption. Put a RFQ with such conditions that only a particular firm can meet thus artificially making the bidding a one company affair. Now I know it is not that simple since bidding is itself a price discovery mechanism and it would be difficult for the govt to ascertain the max bid price.

  2. Yash Mhadgut says:

    The airport express should be further extended to Gurgaon.
    1) Gurgaon people can reach airport directly.
    2)It will enable dwarka- gurgaon metro travel.
    3) Delhi Gurgaon travel faster than yellow line.

    • TMRG says:

      That’s what I’d like as well, but the Haryana government hasn’t been able to make up its mind for developing any new line in that part of the state.

      On the southern side, I’d like it to go to Gurgaon – Faridabad – Noida
      On the northern side, I’d like it to go to Anand Vihar
      At a later stage, the Anand Vihar – Noida section can be connected to a form a ring.

      • ISHWAR says:

        (please reply, you never do.. please)

        Dear TMRG,

        With the formation of GMDA (Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority), HMRTC (Haryana Mass Rapid Transit Cooperation) assigned a job a month later to GMDA to do public survey on the 2 route I.e smaller route from huda city centre to Gurugram Railway station and longer route from huda city centre to Dwarka sector 21 via hero honda chowk, And with so many sources from GMDA official say that they finalize the longer route.
        And haryana Goverment has scrapped the Dwarka iffco Chowk metro line
        Along with that
        HMRTC asked rapid metro Gurgaon for phase 3 proposal, in return rapid metro propose to start the route from NH 8 (one of the rapid metro station in phase 1) going to bus stand via udyog vihar and old delhi road and with the option of extended to Gurugram Railway station, ultimately interchange with the longer route.
        As well On February 2017 haryana Goverment cabinet approve Gurugram Manesar Bawal MRTS..

        As well haryana Goverment assigned a job to HMRTC to study a feasibility survey for two route
        1) Gurugram sector 45 to Faridabad Bata chowk metro line
        2) A line starting from rapid metro Sector 56 (last station) going to southern peripheral Road upto northern peripheral Road (Dwarka Expressway)

        I want to ask
        Now, what is the reality
        And when all these line
        Including, I hope Dwarka iffco Chowk line
        Will start.

        Or Gurugram will never see the metro coming

        • TMRG says:

          Hi, maybe I missed your other comment, but anyhow…

          There are at least 10 proposals in Gurgaon for extending the existing lines or creating new ones. As you know, the last 7 years have been a big waste of time with the Haryana govt dragging its feet and not being able to make up its mind. Every other month there are talks of this line, that line, this feasibility, that feasibility which has made it an absolute nightmare to track things on my end.

          Since there’s so little information out there on what’s concrete and what’s not, I’m just not in a position to comment on when or what will be built. More clarity will emerge only after the Haryana cabinet approves a line. Until then, anything and everything is purely a proposal warranting no special treatment or interest.

          • Shray Sharma says:

            Hi, Seriously residents of Old Gurugram have been waiting for Metro Connectivity for long now. When metro came to Gurugram in 2010 it should have been extended to railway station at that very point. Since then successive government’s have been dragging the issue. So many feasibility studies and nothing absolutely nothing on ground. They will still drag this further and take this issue to next state elections. I don’t see construction on any of the proposed routes.
            Dear TMRG please do follow-up and share the updates on this whenever you have any.
            You are doing an awesome work anyway!

  3. Aakash Yadav says:

    When will Majlis Park to South campus section of pink line starts for public operations ?????

  4. Navnit S says:

    30 months ? Doesn’t that seem too long for a 1.8 km stretch ?
    Also you mentioned box tunnels, so that means they are gonna use the cut and caver method ?

    • TMRG says:

      Hi, cost/finance is driving time-frames here, and not the ability of workers/firms.

      DMRC is trying to get it constructed with the least amount of funds within a suitable timeframe. If they want a shorter duration, then their construction estimate (and subsequently the bid values submitted by firms) would have been higher.

      And yep, entire section will be cut and cover, with no TBMs getting deployed.

  5. Sonu Sharma says:


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