RCC-MBZ & Neeraj-Guan Lowest Bidders for Mumbai Metro’s Line-2B

Update – MMRDA awarded 2 contracts to both consortia on March 3, 2018.

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So back on February 12 when the bids for the 32.32 km Line-4 were opened, the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) in fact also opened the financial bids for two packages on the 11.007 km eastern section of the 23.72 km Line-2B between Bandra Kurla Complex – Chembur – Mandale. The lowest bidders for both are RCC-MBZ JV (Package CA-06) and Neeraj-Guan JV (Package CA-07) – two relatively obscure new entrants to metro construction.

MMRDA had reinvited bids for these two packages on Line-2B’s eastern section in November 2017, with new lower estimates, after a failed first round of bidding where the lowest bids received were 24.94% to 26.99% higher than the MMRDA’s estimates.

Bidding Results for Line-2B’s Eastern Section

• Package CA-06 – Viaduct from MTNL Metro to Chembur with 6 stations
Scope: Part design and construction of elevated viaduct and 6 elevated stations viz. MTNL Metro, SG Barve Marg, Kurla Terminus, Kurla East & Chembur (Excluding Architectural finishing & Pre-engineered Steel roof Structure of stations) from chainage 46749.923 m to 52665.359 m of Line 2B Corridor (D.N. Nagar to Mandale) of Mumbai Metro Rail Project of MMRDA

Firm Bid
RCC – MBZ Rs. 521.21 cr
HCC – Sadbhav Rs. 576.00 cr
L&T Rs. 618.75 cr
Tata-CHEC Rs. 627.56 cr
Simplex Rs. 665.20 cr

MMRDA’s Estimate: Rs. 483.054 crore
Difference: 38.156 crores (7.89% higher)

• Package CA-07 – Viaduct from Diamond Garden to Mandale (Depot) with 6 stations
Scope: Part design and construction of elevated viaduct and 5 elevated stations viz. Diamond Nagar, Shivaji-Chowk, BSNL Metro, Mankhurd, Mandale (Excluding Architectural finishing & Pre-engineered Steel roof Structure of stations) from chainage 52665.359 m to 57757.000 m of Line 2B Corridor (D.N. Nagar to Mandale) of Mumbai Metro Rail Project of MMRDA

Firm Bid
Neeraj – Guan Rs. 393.01 cr
RCC – MBZ Rs. 421.41 cr
JMC Rs. 424.06 cr
HCC – Sadbhav Rs. 486.19 cr
Tata – CHEC Rs. 493.96 cr
L&T Rs. 514.09 cr
Simplex Rs. 546.45 cr

MMRDA’s estimate: Rs. 420.08 crore
Difference: 27.07 crores (6.88% lower)

Alignment map of Mumbai Metro’s Line-2B – view Mumbai Metro information & map

Combined totals for both packages
• MMRDA’s estimates: Rs. 903.134 cr
• Lowest bids: Rs. 914.22 cr
• Difference: Rs 11.086 cr (1.22 % higher)

The combined lowest bids are an insignificant 1.22% higher than MMRDA’s estimate, so a re-tender won’t be required. If no extraneous issues arise, then in the coming weeks RCC – MBZ JV and Neeraj – Guan JV will go on to be awarded with a contract each.

As far as timelines go, in the Indian Express, MMRDA’s Additional Metropolitan Commissioner mentioned that initial site preparation work will commence in March for both the 32.32 km Line-4 and 23.72 km Line-2B, which is a little too aggressive as the soon-to-be-appointed-contractors will need a couple months to mobilize men and machinery.

While the geotechnical survey for the two corridors will be happening along the alignment, we will be barricading only four patches for Metro 2B and five patches for Metro 4 to begin with. As work progresses we will take up more areas.

Meanwhile, the 12.714 km western section (Package  CA-04B) of Line-2B was quietly awarded to Simplex Infrastructures on December 20 2017 after they emerged as the lowest bidder in November. They’ve just started bringing in barricades at DN Nagar –

For more updates, check out the Mumbai section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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20 Responses to "RCC-MBZ & Neeraj-Guan Lowest Bidders for Mumbai Metro’s Line-2B"

  1. Rishav Mahapatra says:

    Nice . so soon 5 metro lines will be U/C in mumbai simultaneously !

  2. Navnit S says:

    HI TMRG! With so many lines in various stages of progress, it would be great if you could do a map, just like the one you did for Bangalore, showing what sections are at what stage such as,
    – bids invited
    – bids openned
    – contract awarded
    – under construction
    – operational

  3. amit chitre says:

    Hey tmrg. Welcome back. I was wondering, while inviting, why doesn’t the mmrda have a maximum value for the bid? If it is going to be scrapped, why let them bid? I mean what is the point of wasting time evaluating bids that are going to be scrapped eitherway? I noticed that even this time, apart from these two contractors, all others are almost 20% above the estimate.

    • TMRG says:

      Beats me why they don’t have a max ceiling in place. Maybe someone else here from the operator/construction side can explain.

  4. Ritesh Jokhakar says:

    Hi TMRG,

    Do we have any updates on the line 7. Specially tenders for coaches, signalling, track laying, etc. In my honest opinion both the lines 7 & 2a will be delayed if these tenders are not awarded ASAP.

    • TMRG says:

      Hi, bids for only the tracks have been invited yet. Bids for the rest haven’t been invited due to differences with ADB on the procurement policy of having a bulk of coaches manufactured in India. ADB wants that to be taken out. Latest news is that the MH government has given in, so we may have good news coming in soon.

  5. Anmol says:

    I was wondering if the metro 2a and 2b will be connected like the metro train from Dahisar would travel all the way to mandale

    • TMRG says:

      That’s correct. It’s essentially 1 long 43 km line with two vastly different construction and opening schedules.

  6. PRAKASH says:

    can u tell me the full name of Neeraj and Guan which are the lowest bidder for Mumbai metro line-2B,Package CA-07???

  7. Suraj says:

    I am curious to know about interconnection of line 1 and line 4. As per your map, both the lines come very close to each other but they don’t connect. I think it would be better if they plan to connect. Also, at Amar Mahal junction are they planning to connect line 4 with Monorail?

  8. Jayant says:

    Looks like more legal action stopping work on line 2B.

  9. MohammedNasim Shah says:

    Hi TMRG,

    Good Morning,

    Metro 2A and 2B are elevated. What could be the elevation height on full 43 KM line( I believe elevation height might vary depending on the places coming across the full 43 KM stretch).?

    Is there information on exact location of Metro Stations to be constructed?

  10. Suraj says:

    Will Kurla Suburban Railway station be connected to Metro line 2B? If yes which station would be connected? SG bharve Metro station or Kurla east Metro staion..

  11. Raahi says:

    Information available in below MMRDA link shows “Kurla Terminal” station would next to Kurla CR tracks but little distance from Kurla Suburban station. Date of the details available in the below link is unknown so not sure if it is latest updated information.



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