NHSRCL Invites Design & Survey Bids for 6 HSR Lines Across India

On February 7, India’s National High Spreed Rail Corporation (NHSRCL) invited bids for preparing the final alignment design, using LiDAR surveys, and for preparing Stage-1 preliminary route development artefacts for six new high-spreed rail lines across India.

NHSRCL is currently developing the 508 km Mumbai Ahmedabad High Speed Rail Link (MAHSRL) project, and in 2019 was tasked by the government of India to start the leg-work for developing individual detailed project reports (DPRs) for 6 more high-speed train lines with an aim to replicate the National Highways Authority of India’s diamond quadrilateral project to connect major economic towns and cities.

CONTRACT/LIDAR/2020/03 – Final Alignment Design Including Aerial LIDAR Survey and other Related Works for Six High Speed Rail Corridors
• Last date of submission: March 11 2020 at 3 PM
• Technical Bids to be opened: March 11 2020 at 3:30 PM

CONTRACT/DESKTOP/2020/04 – Carrying out Stage-1 Preliminary Route Development for New High Speed Rail Corridors for NHSRCL
• Last date of submission: Feb 21 2020 at 3 pm
• Technical Bids to be opened: Feb 21 2020 at 3:15 PM

LiDAR survey is a laser-based surveying technique for rapid and accurate collection of topographic data, while a ‘stage-1 survey’ is a preliminary site investigation and typically involves an appraisal of site history and a site inspection.

The six corridors / lines identified by the government are –

  • Mumbai – Nashik – Nagpur (approx 750 km)
  • Mumbai – Pune – Hyderabad (approx 700 km)
  • Delhi – Agra – Kanpur – Lucknow – Varanasi (approx 900 km)
  • Delhi – Jaipur – Udaipur – Ahmedabad (approx 900 km)
  • Chennai – Bengaluru – Mysore (approx 450 km)
  • Delhi – Chandigarh – Ludhiana – Jalandhar – Amritsar (approx 450 km)
3 of the 6 lines (and others) mapped out by The Transport Politic in 2010

The work carried out by the two assigned contractors will go into developing individual DPRs for each line, and assist with recommending each line’s optimal route, project cost, project ridership, multi-modal integrations, and form of construction. From there on, it’ll be a long journey to secure financing and approvals from the Railway Board, respective states governments and union government.

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8 Responses to "NHSRCL Invites Design & Survey Bids for 6 HSR Lines Across India"

  1. Rajkumar Dugar says:

    With a High Speed RAIL Corridor between Chennai & Bengaluru, why do we need a High Speed ROAD corridor too, which will end up with plenty of trees being chopped ?

  2. PVChalapathi Rao says:

    Must add Hyderabad-Bangalore and vijayawada – Hyderabad corridors

  3. B j kumar says:

    Visakhapatnam forgot

  4. Bidhan Debnath says:

    The entire Northeast region is still lacking behind in terms of the communication even in 21st century, no dfcc, dual track railway lines yet despite having a lot of businesses​ but by providing an HSR connectivity, there would be a boom to the Infrastructure sector.

  5. Vinay says:

    Bangalore to Mumbai will be an added advantage!


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