MMRDA Reinvites Bids for 10 Train-sets for Mumbai Monorail

On February 24, the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) reinvited bids for procuring 10 monorail train-sets (rakes) of 4 cars to run on Mumbai’s 19.54 km Line-1 which connects Chembur with Jacob Circle (Sant Gadge Maharaj Chowk).

MMRDA currently operates 5 train-sets with extremely high headways of 23 minutes between successive trains, and this is the organization’s second attempt to procure new train-sets to improve frequency. Back in 2019, the MMRDA tried procuring 10 new train-sets and received bids from two firms – China’s CRRC and BYD, an american firm HQ’d in LA, but decided to scrap the bidding process for unknown reasons.

Contract MONORS2: Design, Manufacture, Supply, Testing And Commissioning Of 10 Nos. Of Monorail Train Sets Of 4 Cars Each And Training Of Personnel For Mumbai Monorail Project

• Completion Period: 130 weeks
• Pre-bid Meeting: April 8 2020 at 3 pm
• Date & Time of Submission: April 9 up to 3 pm
• Date & Time of Opening Technical Bids: April 13 at 12 pm

Scomi train-sets on Mumbai’s Line-1 – Photo Copyright: HT/Kunal Patil
Route map of Mumbai Monorail’s Line-1 via – view the map in greater detail with stations marked here

The L&T-Scomi Engineering consortium had originally procured 10 Scomi Sutra train-sets back in 2009-2010 of which only 4 are in operation. The rest 6 are nonoperational due to a lack of low cost high-quality spares which has led to the cannibalization of its fleet and further operational losses. Per the Indian Express, 2 of the 6 trainsets are expected to join the fleet in March, but I don’t see ridership improving until the new 10 trains arrive.

For updates, check out the Mumbai section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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