L&T to Deploy 6 MSVs for Bangalore Metro Phase 2 Tunneling

Back in February when Larsen & Toubro’s tunnel boring machines (TBMs) Avni and Urja were in-transit to Bangalore from China, another Chinese heavy equipment manufacturer, Qinhuangdao Tianye Tolian Heavy Industry Co. Ltd., completed factory acceptance tests (FAT) for 6 multi-service vehicles (MSVs) to support L&T during the 73.92 km Phase 2 project’s construction.

These MSVs each have a capacity of hauling 25 tons and their primary goal will be to support underground logistics – to transport tunnel ring segments from the bottom of the TBM launch shafts to the rear of the TBMs. The muck from tunneling will be extracted through a pipeline since tunneling will be slurry-based.

Larsen & Toubro will deploy these exclusively on the 13.885 km Dairy Circle – Nagawara underground section of Bangalore Metro’s 21.386 km Line-4 (Reach 6 / Pink Line) where it won 2 packages (view map) in February 2019 – the 2.755 km RT-02 package between Vellara Road Station – Shivaji Nagar, and the 2.884 km RT-03 package between Shivaji Nagar Station – Tannery Road.

L&T’s 6 MSVs shot in January 2020 – Photo Copyright: Qinhuangdao Tianye Tolian Heavy Industry Co. Ltd
Factory Acceptance Tests in mid-February 2020 – Photo Copyright: Megan Miller
Photo Copyright: Megan Miller (view large)

Meanwhile, here’s a recent snap of the Shivaji Nagar Station from where L&T’s CRCHI Slurry TBMs Avni and Lavi will be commissioned –

Shivaji Nagar Station – Photo Copyright: Akash Shaw

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10 Responses to "L&T to Deploy 6 MSVs for Bangalore Metro Phase 2 Tunneling"

  1. Lakshmi says:

    Chinese trains. Chinese boring machines. Chinese trucks.

    Is there anything not Chinese being used?

    • Prabhakar says:

      Yes offcourse have , but due to cost constrain we are going behind China, some of other nation manufactures have their plantbin China for Asia region .

    • Sathya says:

      The fact is India is yet to have manufacturing facility for certain equipment
      India has also started manufacturing metro trains in TADA By Alston, Bell and bombardier
      For every product and business it takes minimum threshold and sustaining volumes

  2. Swagath says:

    Look at all those masks!

  3. Pulkit Mohta says:

    Kindly update the information page of Bangalore metro, by adding a map of the under construction lines and their respective stations

  4. Chandan says:

    Why is nothing happening about Magadi Road toll gate to kadabagere extension ? Please provide updates about same. Thanks.

    • TMRG says:

      It’s now planned to be built as a metrolite line under the PPP model. If this ever materializes, then trains will be smaller and run on the street (at-grade) level..


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