DMRC Invites Bids to Upgrade Delhi Metro’s RS-1 Rolling Stock

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has invited bids to retrofit and upgrade 10 train-sets from its RS-1 rolling stock fleet which are operated across Delhi Metro’s 34.4 km Red Line (Line-1) and 65.35 km Blue Line (Line-3/4).

The 74 coaches in this overhaul contract were originally designed, built and supplied as 4 coach train-sets by the MRM Consortium comprising of Mitsubishi Corporation, Hyundai Rotem Company and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation in 2002. Over the years, BEML supplied intermediate coaches through 2 contracts (RS-6 & RS-13) to turn them into 6 and 8 coach train-sets.

Metro coaches typically have a lifespan of 35-40 years, so these train-sets having been in service for over 17 years are essentially facing a midlife crisis right now.

DMRC has planned a major overhaul of the trains’ gangway (partition between two coaches), flooring, cab interiors, and electrical panels. They’re also looking to install CCTV cameras, LCD based digital route map, fire detection system and mobile charging facilities.

Contract No: DMRC/RSWC/SPD-178

Scope: Retrofit Works in 10 Train sets of RS-1 DMRC Trains of Shastri Park Depot, Najafgarh Depot and Yamuna Bank Depot.

  • Estimate: Rs. 62.28 Crore
  • Completion period of work: 1.5 years
  • Pre-bid Meeting: 26.06.2020 at 11:00 hrs
  • Tender submission start date: 20.07.2020 from 11:00 Hrs
  • Tender submission end date: 27.07.2020 upto 15:00 Hrs
  • Date & Time of opening of Tender (Technical Bid online): 28.07.2020 at 15:00 hrs
One of Delhi Metro’s RS1 Train-sets – Photo Copyright: PublicTV

Some details from the tender document –

Major Works:

  • Refurbishment of Floor in 40 cars (except cab) of RS-1 DMRC Trains.
  • Re-painting of saloon and cab interior in 40 cars of RS-1 DMRC trains.
  • Refurbishment of Electrical panels of in 40 cars of RS-1 DMRC Trains.
  • Supply and Installation of CCTV (Saloon, Rear View, and Catenary Monitoring) in 74 cars of RS-1 DMRC trains.
  • Supply and Installation of LCD based DRM in 74 cars of RS-1 DMRC trains.

Minor Works:

  • Supply and Installation of Fire Detection System in 74 cars RS-1 DMRC Trains.
  • Supply and installation of Mobile charging facility in 64 cars of DMRC trains.


The configuration of aforementioned DMRC train sets comprising RS1 & RS6/13 coaches are as follows:

  • DTC–MC–TC–MC–TC–MC-MC-DTC (07 No. Trains in 8 Car formation)
  • DTC– MC-TC-MC-MC-DTC (03 No. Trains in 6 Car Formation)

DTC: Driving Trailer Car, MC: Motor Car, TC: Trailer Car.

Completion Time:

  • Mobilization period of set-up in two depots i.e. Shastri Park Depot and Yamuna Bank Depot is 04 months from the date of issue of LOA.
  • The work of the 1st pilot train is to be completed in 60 days in Shastri Park depot from the starting date of issuance of job card.
  • After successful completion of pilot train at Shastri Park Depot, remaining 09 trains will be given for work in SPD and YBD. Only after successful completion of work, next train will be handover for retrofit work.
  • The work of the balance 09 trains shall be completed in 30 days per train from the starting date of issuance of job card.

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3 Responses to "DMRC Invites Bids to Upgrade Delhi Metro’s RS-1 Rolling Stock"

  1. Ayush says:

    About time! Looking forward to real good transformation

  2. R Mathew says:

    Hi we have an update on whether the upgrade is completed ? Is it part of their C1~C4 overhaul

    • TMRG says:

      From what I’ve heard – financial bids haven’t been opened yet.

      There were 5 bidders – Acme India, Airflow Equipments India, Escorts Ltd Railway Equipment Division, Medha Servo Drives and River Engineering.


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