MPSPL Completes Trial Assembly for Pune Metro’s Steel Girder

Last week, Modern Prefab Systems Pvt. Ltd. in Bhillai, Chhatisgarh completed trial run assembly for a 36 m long steel composite girder fabricated for use on the 31.254 km Pune Metro Phase 1 project.

Weighing approximately 2000 MT, this steel composite girder will be launched by Afcons – SPCPL JV for building a portion of either the Ruby Clinic or Bund Garden station on the 7.657 km eastern Reach-3 section of the 14.665 km Aqua Line which’ll connect Vanaz with Ramwadi.

Afcons – SPCPL JV was awarded Reach-3’s Rs. 470.43 crore contract in January 2019 for the construction of 7 elevated stations at Ramwadi, Kalyani Nagar, Yerawada, Bund Garden, Ruby Clinic, Pune Railway Station and Mangalwarpeth.

Location of Ruby Clinic and Bund Garden stations – view Pune Metro Phase 1 info & route map
Inspection during trial assembly (view large) – Photo Copyright: MPSPL

Further details on the girder’s exact use and final placement position within the station are a little sketchy at this time, so it’ll interesting to see how things play out. Here are a few older images:

Photo Copyright: MPSPL
Photo Copyright: MPSPL

For more updates, check out the Pune section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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