Mumbai – Hyderabad High Speed Rail’s Design & Survey Bids Opened

Chetak Engineers in early-December and Monarch Surveyors today emerged as the lowest bidders for 2 packages to help prepare the Detailed Project Report (DPR) of the 767 km Mumbai – Pune – Hyderabad High Speed Rail (MHHSR bullet train) project in Maharashtra and Telangana.

NHSRCL had invited tenders (bids) for these two packages (and 3 others in December) with varying lengths of completion in October and November dealing with identifying power sourcing options for substations and preparing a final alignment design (including aerial LiDAR survey).


Scope: Survey, Identification of Overhead, Over Ground, Underground Utilities And Identification Of Power Sourcing Options for substations along the proposed Mumbai – Pune – Hyderabad High Speed Rail Corridor.

  • Winner: Chetak Engineers
  • Period of Work: 112 Days
  • Technical Bids Opened: November 18 (10 bids received)
  • Financial Bids Opened: December 8
  • Bid Values of Lowest 3 Bidders:
Chetak EngineersRs. 70.28 lakh
CE Testing CompanyRs. 88.88 lakh
MNEC Consultants Pvt. LtdRs. 96.21 lakh


Scope: Final Alignment design including Aerial LiDAR survey and other related works for Mumbai-Hyderabad High Speed Rail Corridor (about 711 kms. long)

  • Winner: Monarch Surveyors and Engineering Consultants. Ltd
  • Period of Work: 150 Days
  • Technical Bids Opened: December 4 (5 bidders)
  • Financial Bids Opened: December 23 (today!)
  • NHSRCL’s Estimate: 15.79 crore
  • Financial Bid Values:
Monarch Surveyors and Engineering Consultants. LtdRs. 13.26 crore
SECON Pvt. Ltd.Rs. 13.50 crore
Aarvee Associates Architects Engineers and Consultants Pvt. Ltd.Rs. 13.89 crore
Atom Aviation Services Private Ltd.Disqualified
RITES Ltd.Disqualified

The Mumbai – Hyderabad High Speed Rail line has been planned with 10 new stations at Navi Mumbai, Lonawala, Pune, Kurkumb/Daund, Akluj, Pandharpur, Solapur, Kala Buragai, Zaheerabad and Hyderabad.

Indicative alignment of Mumbai – Pune – Hyderabad High Speed Rail line – view project information

Bidding is currently underway for Data Collection and Associated Survey Work and Ridership Study (Traffic Study) through two big packages encompassing 2365 kms of lines throughout India. On Monday, 7 firms had submitted bids for preparing its Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) Report.

For more updates, check out the High Speed Rail section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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7 Responses to "Mumbai – Hyderabad High Speed Rail’s Design & Survey Bids Opened"

  1. Abhinay says:

    I think among the busiest domestic air routes, Mumbai – Hyderabad stands to lose the most to high speed rail.

    • saket says:

      Which makes sense to construct the hsr line, there would be enough passengers.. also, this mode is more eco friendly, nearly equally fast (if traveling to airport and check in time is included), more comfortable, and we may potentially save 1000s of crores of importing airplanes and fuel..

  2. Santosh says:

    This line goes through Gulbarga/Kalaburagi (written as Kala Buragai in the article), while the line drawn looks like it’s by-passing the city. Just FYI.

    Thanks TMRG for all that you do. Appreciate it.

  3. free code says:

    When will the offical survey map be uploaded

  4. sharan patil says:

    is it final survey ? any details of land acquisition ?

  5. M says:

    Any update on this DPR? Nothing in the news, but as per the timeline it should have been complete and submitted by now?


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